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Gujeolpan commonly refers to a Korean “platter of nine delicacies” or “dish of nine dishes”, where the food items are arranged in wooden plate having nine sections. According to some people, gujeolpan refers to the wooden serving plate in which the nine dishes are served. The name of the dish is derived from three different Korean hanja words, viz gu, jeol, and pan, which imply nine, section and plate respectively. All the foods are classified by ingredients and color, comprising of mushrooms, leafy vegetables, seafood items and meat. The tray’s centre portion contains Korean pancakes which are prepared by flour and known as miljeonbyeong. Gujeolpan is considered to be both a food platter and decorative item. The dish may be served either as main course or as an appetizer.

Gujeolpan Recipe – Ingredients

The ingredients used in preparation of Gujeolpan may vary as per the taste and the liking of an individual. The meat may consist of beef chicken or pork. Other ingredients required include carrot, mushroom, eggs, leafy vegetables, Korean chives, seafood items, flour, milk, soy sauce, oil, sugar, salt and pepper.

Gujeolpan Recipe – Preparation

Different versions of Gujeolpan exist. The above ingredients can be used to prepare the dish as per one’s choice. In most of the versions, the tray’s centre contains Koreon pancakes prepared with the help of flour, milk, eggs and salt. The other portions of the tray may contain cooked Korean chives, boiled and cooked egg white and egg yolk, seafood item prepared in marinade, marinated chicken dish, cucumber salad, sauces etc. The preparation may vary from one version to another.