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Gosht, a type of Indian meat curry, is typically the conversion of the word ‘meat’ or ‘flesh’ in Persian language. South Asian languages have also adapted this word as a name for meat dishes. It is usually known as a mutton curry dish in Indian, Pakistani and Persian cuisine. Lamb meat and goat meat are the famous meats used in Gosht recipe. Beef and pork both are forbidden in Indian and Pakistani cuisines respectively, hence not come under the category of gosht.

Origin of Gosht Recipe

It is believed that most of the recipes prepared with gosht are originated from the various parts of Pakistan. For example, there is a famous dish called ‘Balti meatt’ that was originated in a northern region of Pakistan called ‘Baltistan’. Indian dish was typically referred to the lamb meat at the time when Indian dishes were modified according to the western tastes. But, it was a misconception that only lamb meat is used in making mutton recipes. Even goat meat is fondly used to make various succulent and delectable mutton dishes.

Ingredients Prescribed by Gosht Recipe

The basic ingredients used in making gosht depend upon the recipe. However, lamb or goat meat is essentially the central ingredient and apart from this onion, ginger-garlic, yogurt and dry spices are highly used. Nuts, vegetables and lentils are used to provide variations to the standard meat recipes. If an exotic or gourmet dish has to be prepared, it usually contains, milk, saffron strands and cream. Portions of meat are highly important in making these recipes. Mutton raan, shoulder and even chest pieces have special significance in providing luscious flavor to the dish.

Popular Methods of Making Gosht Recipe

Traditionally, gosht is prepared with stir-frying method. Mutton pieces are usually marinated in spices and yogurt before stir-frying. Onion paste along with ginger-garlic paste is sautéed in clarified butter or refined oil, until golden brown. Other ingredients are then incorporated according to the recipe. Marinated mutton pieces are added to the spice mixture in the end and simmered until fully cooked in its own juices. Apart from this traditional method there are now many conventional methods also that are used to prepare various mutton recipes. Microwave cooking, grilling and even baking methods are employed to cook gosht.

Serving and Eating Gosht Recipe

Curry Gosht is typically served as a main dish in Lunch or Dinner. It is advisable to serve it scorching hot in order to savor the true flavors. Indian or Pakistani roti or naan tastes best with gosht recipes. Sliced onion or onion rings are typically served with mutton and roti. In few instances, the dish is also presented with rice but it is advisable to not accompany gosht with rice as it will not be easily digested.

Special Gosht Recipe

• Dahi gosht – This is typically a north Indian mutton dish. Yogurt gravy is prepared with various spices and mutton pieces are simmered in it to impart flavor.

• Dal meat – This is also known as ‘Haleem’ in Pakistan. It is a traditional dish cooked for long hours in dal gravy. Especially, boneless mutton is used in this recipe.

• Kadai meat – This dish has taken its name from the utensil called ‘kadai’ in which it is prepared. It is a very spicy kind of dish.

• Bhuna meat – It is not a typical curry gosht, but it has a dry curry that is coated on the mutton pieces.

Health and Nutrition Facts Related To Gosht Recipe

Gosht or ‘mutton’ is rich in proteins and vitamins. The health factor of mutton dish depends upon the method of cooking and ingredients used. Moderate amount of oil and spices makes a healthy mutton dish.