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Falooda, also spelt as faluda, is one of the popular dishes in South Asia. The dish is primarily prepared with the mixture of rose syrup, vermicelli, tapioca pearls and water or milk, (it is a starch which is obtained from roots of cassava plant and is used in preparing puddings). Sugar, ice cream, basil seeds and tutti fruitti may be added to augment the flavor of falooda recipe.

Origin of Faluda
Falooda is a version of Persian dessert, known by the name of flaoodeh. It was brought to India during the period of Mughals. However, the faloodeh that is made in Afghanistan and Iran and is different from faluda made in India. In Afghanistan and Iran, the vermicelli that is used for preparing faloodeh is made up from arrowroot as against that made from wheat in India.

Falooda Recipe - Preparation
Falooda is very easy to prepare. Cooked and chilled vermicelli, basil seeds soaked in water, and a chilled mix of blended pistachios, almonds, powdered sugar and milk, are taken to prepare faluda. In a glass half of chilled vermicelli and half of basil seeds are poured. Half of the milk mix is poured in the glass over basil seeds and vermicelli. Some rose syrup is added and mixed properly. One scoop of kulfi or ice cream is added. The faluda is garnished with chopped pistachios and almonds. Some rose syrup can also be added for garnishing. The falooda is served with spoon and straw.

Falooda Recipe - Variants
In India, Pakistan and Iran, falooda is a dish that is very popular is summers. It is available in almost all the eating places in summers. It is often served as faluda kulfi, where faluda is placed on the top of kulfi and served with syrup.

Instead of rose syrup, other flavors can be used to prepare falooda. Other variants include saffron (kesar) faluda, chocolate faluda, fig faluda and mango faluda.

One of the types of faluda which is very famous is called by the name of Andrea. In this falooda recipe, various rose syrups are mixed with tapioca pearls and creamy milk.

Falooda Recipes - Similar Recipes

  • Falooda is quite similar to a famous Thai drink, known as “nam manglak”. This drink is made up of the mixture of basil seeds, rose water, water and sugar.
  • In Iraq, faluda is made with thicken kind of vermicelli.
  • Bubble tea is a similar kind of falooda drink in East Asia.