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Dubai food refers to the food eaten in Dubai, the cosmopolitan city of United Arab Emirates. The city is blend of various world populations, particularly those from Asia and Europe, besides the local UAE population. The same is reflected in the food here, which is a mix of cuisines of various food cultures, and which caters to the needs of tourists from across the globe, as Dubai is a favorite tourist destination. The food of Dubai is rich in diversity and numerous restaurants that throng the city offer a wide variety of dishes, many of them specializing in specific cuisines from Arab, Iran, Asia and Europe. Al Harees, Chelo Kebab, Pilaf and Ghuzi are some of the significant dishes of the food of Dubai.

Sub Divisions of Dubai Cuisine

Dubaifood mainly consists of native Arabic cuisine delicacies as well as dishes from Iranian, Asian and European cuisines. Besides these, Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines also have an influence on the food here. Arabic cuisine delicacies like Stuffed Camel and Al Harees are favorites here, and so are dishes form the Iranian cuisine like Chelo Kebab, Abghousht, Fesenjan and Shirin Polo. Various European cuisine meat dishes that are popular amongst westerners as well as locals in the city include meat dishes like pizzas, pastas, beef and lamb dishes, etc. Asian cuisine dishes mostly come from India, Pakistan, China and Vietnam. Regional cuisines from Asia like Mughlai, Awadhi, Punjabi and Pashtuni are quite popular.

Popular Dubai Cuisine Dishes

  • Stuffed Camel: It has been listed as the largest dish by the Guinness Book of World Records, and is served on special occasions like weddings. It consists of cooked eggs stuffed into fish, which are in turn stuffed into chicken, and chicken into roasted carcass of sheep and the sheep into a whole camel. It is a dish from the local Arabic cuisine.
  • Al Harees: It is a festive food item in Dubai, which is often served in the main course of weddings. It is prepared with wheat and meat and has a long process of preparation.
  • Wara Enab: It is a dish made of vine leaves with rice stuffing.
  • Ghuzi: It consists of a roasted whole lamb served on rice with nuts.

Places Famous for Food in Dubai

  • Arabic Restaurants: Al Diwan, Biella Caffe and Al Hadheerah Desert Restaurant are some of the most popular Arabic restaurants.
  • Iranian restaurants: Famous Iranian restaurants in Dubai include Al Borz and Satwa at Al-Durreh Tower, as well as Al Dhiyafah Street's Pars Iranian Kitchen.
  • Asian Restaurants: Some of the best Asian restaurants are Silver Eagle Restaurant and Karachi Durbar at Deira and Sarvana Bhawan at Al Karama.
  • European Restaurants: Food chains like Mc Donalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King and Starbucks Coffee are very popular in Dubai.

Besides these, Dubai houses restaurants catering to needs of tourists from various other parts of the world who wish to eat familiar native food as well as Dubai food specialties.