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Dodol is a type of sweet meat commonly made with rice flour, coconut milk and jaggery, it is dense in texture and gooey in texture. There are many types of dodols available in the stores. In India, It is called halwa and can be bought easily from sweet confection shops. Women and kids are fonder of eating dodols. Some women use it as a face mask for making their skin glow.

Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Dodol Recipe

Preparing the dish is a time consuming task and the major ingredients used for this dish are rice, coconuts, jaggery, sugar and chopped cashewnuts. For making dodols, coconut milk is extracted by grinding the coconut with warm water. Rice flour is added to coconut milk and is stirred well. The mixture is cooked on low heat. Chopped or grated jaggery and chopped cashew nuts are added to the mixture. The ingredients are cooked, till the mixture gets dense. Once done, the cooked liquid is poured in a greased pan and is left to cool. The sweet cake is cut into toffee like pieces and served.

A traditional dodol dish takes at least 8-9 hours to cook. It is very important to keep stirring the dodol to avoid it from burning.

Dodol in Different Cuisines

This sweet dish is a very popular delicacy of Indonesia. It is also eaten widely in Ilcos region in Luzon and in the Lanao areas of Mindano. Dodol is also a common sweet meat In Kelantan and Terenganu states of Malayasia. It is widely eaten at the time of Christmas in Goa state of India. This jaggery flavored sweet is also like by the people of Middle Eastern countries, including Persia and Iran.

This sweet toffee is also as montkalama in Singapore, Sri Lanka and Burma and is called halwa in India and Zanzibar. With flavors of Durian fruit, it is called lempuk. Lempuks are mostly sold in Thai markets and stores.

In Bali, these sweet meats are sold after wrapping them in dried corn leaves. A dodol recipe is basically used during the auspicious days of Galungan and Kuningan.

Types of Dodols

A number of varieties of the dish are available in Asian countries. Here are some of them

  • Dodol garut-These dodols are formed in Garut which is a Jawa Barat Province of Indonesia. Many varieties of this sweetmeat from Garut are there, though the popular ones are Picnic and Olympic. These garut sweets are available in various flavors such as pineapple, chococlate, tomato and sesame.

  • Dodol sirask- These dodols are made by boiling the soursop pulp in water. Soursop is a fruit grown in Indonesia. The pulp is heated till it gets dense and hardens and finally jaggery is addded to make it sweet in taste.

  • Dodol durian-Durian is a fruit of Malaysia which has a unique and strong smell. Durian pulp is cooked well and sugar is added for this dodol recipe. Dodols can be easily bought from Garut.