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Cilbir (pronounced as chilber) is a dish of Turkish origin and it is prepared by combining poached eggs with garlic flavored yogurt. This egg- based dish is enjoyed as a comfort dish throughout Turkey and it is also served for the breakfast. Cilbir is considered as good alternative to Eggs Benedict. This dish is popularly savored in the neighboring country of Bulgaria and there, it is known as Panagurski .

Cilbir Recipe: Ingredients and Method of Preparation
Eggs, garlic cloves, vinegar, yogurt, red pepper, and butter are required for making this dish, the preparation of which begins by mixing garlic and yogurt. The butter is melted with pepper and kept aside. The Vinegar is added to the water and egg is poached over it for a few minutes and picked over using the draining spoon placed on the serving plate. The garlic yogurt is either served beforehand or it is drizzled over the eggs along with butter –pepper mixture.

Cilbir Recipe: Tips For Perfection

  • While preparing Cilbir the eggs should not be added directly to the boiling water. The boiled water should be allowed to calm a bit and then eggs should be poured over it.

  • The eggs should not be broken directly over the pot instead it should be broken into a separate bowl and glided one by one into the pan.

  • The bitterness of the garlic can be curbed by substituting it with garlic scapes or shoots. The garlic scapes taste good if they are lightly fried with chilies and melted butter.

  • The yogurt should be added to the preheated platter to maintain the correct texture of the butter. The yogurt should be allowed to remain at room temperature, otherwise the butter will solidify over the cold yogurt.

Eating and Serving Panagurski
This cilbir is mostly partnered with toast or rice preparations.