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Burmese Chinese

Burmese Chinese cuisine is a fusion cuisine that is based on cuisine originating from Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Fujian and Yunnan with some local influences. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can select from immense food options by choosing Burmese Chinese cuisine for their lunch or dinner.


The main ingredients of Burmese Chinese cuisine include mustard, bean sprouts, dried mushrooms, soy sauce, bean curd, coconut, chicken and spices such as ginger, chili and turmeric.

Burmese Chinese Meal

The Burmese main course not only includes meat, fish and pork but also salad varieties such as those made of vegetables, wheat or rice as the main ingredients. Apart from this Burmese Chinese cuisine may also include items such as soups, curries flavored with authentic Burmese herbs and roasted or boiled vegetables and fruits. Speaking of the typical dishes that come under the category of Burmese Chinese cuisine, it includes mouth watering dishes such as moon cake or la mont, fried rice or htamin kyaw, thin rice noodle soup or mi shay, roasted duck or bekin, steamed buns or pauksi, fried Chinese doughnut or igyakway, rice porridge or san byoke, thin wheat noodles or mi swan, fried noodles or panthay khaukswe and noodles cooked in oil or sigyet khaukswe. The Chinese influence on Burmese cuisine is revealed through the use of various noodles, soya sauce, bean curd and various stir-frying techniques. Recipes such as Bamboo vegetarian dish, papaya and cucumber cold salad, chicken with lemon grass, fish soup, bamboo shoots, noodle coconut chicken, spicy lamb curry coming under Burmese Chinese cuisine can satiate the taste buds and leave one asking for more!

In order to render an authentic feel and flavor, the chefs take efforts to preserve Burmese recipes and traditions fully while serving this type of fare in the Burmese Chinese restaurants. The reputable restaurants provide wholesome food that is freshly prepared by expert chefs. Sweet Mango and Green Elephant Gourmet are the two popular restaurants that serve this fare in California. Side Wok is a reputable restaurant that serves Burmese Chinese cuisine in New Delhi. Visitors can head to Shwe Inn Wa, Tamarai restaurant and Mandalay in London to taste this delicious and healthy cuisine in an elegant setting. Unique recipes such as whole grain rice, braised cabbage rolls, Chinese style squid and steamed chicken and pork served by the Charm restaurant in Thailand taste absolutely heavenly and are well worth a try in this place.