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Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a typical Vietnamese rice noodle pie and it is specially eaten during the lunch time alone. ‘Bun’ normally refers to ‘rice vermicelli’ in Vietnamese. The dish is normally a combination of vermicelli and chopped grilled meat. The grilled meat normally used for the recipe is Pork, which is ground well. Vermicelli noodles are topped with salads, mostly greens. Herbs and sprouted beans are also used in making the dish. The dish also includes few chopped egg rolls, shrimp, and spring onions. The Bun Cha is often served with roasted peanuts and nước chấm, a typical Vietnamese sauce. The origin of the dish cannot be traced, but it has always been considered as a traditional part of the Vietnamese cuisine.

Bun Cha Recipe: Ingredients Used & Preparation Overview

The basic Bun Cha recipe consists of rice vermicelli, ground pork, shallots, cilantro, mint, red chilli, fish sauce, ground black pepper, coconut caramel, oil, green papaya, carrot, rice vinegar, lemon grass, and lettuce. The ground pork is made into meat balls and cooked under charcoal fire. A sauce is made out of the fish sauce, green papaya, carrot, vinegar, chili, and garlic. The noodles and the smoked pork are served with the sauce as a dip.

Popular Bun Cha Recipe Variations

The Bun Cha has many variations to it, as the ground pork can be substituted with fish, potatoes, or other meat.

Health Facts

The Bun Cha consists of nearly 375 calories per serving and have about 43% cholesterol, 35% fat, 18% potassium, and 68% sodium.