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Bibimbap is one of the popular dishes in Korea which refer to mixed meal made up of rice and various vegetables. The rice dish is topped with various colorful vegetables to enhance the appeal and appearance of the dish. The dish is normally served in bowl containing hot white rice, which is topped with sautéed and garnished vegetables (known as namul), chili pepper paste (known as gochujang). The common additions to the dish include sliced meat and fried or raw egg. Beef is often used as a meat item in the dish. Though the dish is usually eaten hot, yet some prefer to it cold.

In most of the Korean houses, Bibimbap is prepared from meat, vegetables and steamed rice. Due to convenient cooking and excellent representation, the dish is widely served as airline meal in most of the South Korean airlines. Also, the dish is popularly served in other airlines, with Lufthansa being more popular.

Bibimbap Recipe- Ingredients

The ingredients that are used in preparing bibimbap include rice, vegetables, chili pepper paste, egg and beef. The commonly used vegetables for preparing the dish include mushrooms, cucumber, bellflower root, spinach, lettuce, and soybean sprouts. Seafood or chicken may be used in place of beef for preparing the mixed meal.

Bibimbap Recipe- Preparation

Bibimbap dish really looks appealing and is very delicious. It is easy to prepare. The rice are boiled, the meat item is cooked, egg is fried, and all the vegetables are cooked properly in a fry pan with some oil. A large bowl is taken and the rice are placed, followed by cooked meat, fried egg and sautéed vegetables. All the vegetables are arranged in such a way that a colorful appeal is attained. The top of the dish is seasoned with chili pepper paste.

Bibimbap Recipe- Variations

There are various variations of Bibimbap dish. The most common are explained below.

  • One of the popular variations of Bibimbap dish is dolsot Bibimbap, where dolsot meansstone pot. In this Bibimbap recipe, a raw egg is taken and cooked against the stone pot’s sides. The stone pot is extremely hot, that it keeps on sizzling for several minutes. Also, the stone pot’s bottom is coated with sesame oil before adding rice in it. This makes the bottom most layer of the rice crispy and golden brown in color. The person eating this dish enjoys it till the end.
  • Hoedeopbap is another variation of Bibimbap dish, where hoe implies raw. This kind of mixed meal dish makes use of raw fish varieties in its preparation. Salmon, tuna or tilapia is used to prepare the dish. This raw fish based dish is widely popular along Korean coasts, where fish are available in abundance.