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Bhutanese food, the food typical to the small South Asian country of Bhutan, is predominant with rice particularly the red or the brown varieties. Buckwheat and maize constitute the other major ingredients along with varieties of meat such as chicken, pork and lamb. The diet influences in Bhutanese cuisine come from the country’s hilly topography and popular preparations include Zow shungo( a rice and vegetable dish), Ema datshi(a spicy chili dish), Phaksha Pa(dish made from dried pork), Tshoem(a beef and mushroom dish) and Kewa Phagsha(a Spicy Pork dish with Potatoes).

Cultural Influences

Bhutanese food ideas are largely influenced from its neighboring countries like Tibet, Thailand and China. The usage of meats such as pork, chicken, ox and yak to make dishes is highly similar to that of Tibet. Spicy hot chili is a favored ingredient in Bhutan likely of Thailand. Cooking practices in making Bhutanese food include stir-frying, stewing and steaming similar to that in Chinese cuisine.

Commonly Used Ingredients

Bhutanese food is loaded with fat and protein content owing to its geographical location at a high altitude. The protein content comes from rich meat sources such as chicken, lamb or goat meat, meat of yak, pork fat and dried beef. Bhutanese food preparations also make use of spices and the popular ones include chilies, cardamom, garlic, ginger, caraway and turmeric.Vegetables include ferns and dried vegetables along with lentils. People of Bhutan consume dairy products such as cheese and butter taken out of cow and yak milk. Rice wine, tea, beer and butter tea are the commonly had beverages.