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Asian Wine

Asian wine refers to wine produced in the different Asian countries which include mainly Lebanon, China, Israel, India and Korea. Though not as extensively as in the West, wine has been prevalent in Asian culture since long and now some Asian countries are occupying prominent positions in the list of wine producers of the world.

Popular Asia Wine Regions
Lebanon is one of the oldest wine producers of the world and is home to a number of Asian wines. The history of wines in Lebanon, according to Roman history dates back to about a couple of centuries before Alexander the Great. The Phoenicians played a major role in spreading these wines across the Mediterranean regions. Though the country produces European wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache , Cinsaut and Carignan; indigenous varieties like Musar White made from a combination of Obaideh and Merwah grapes are also produced in significant amounts. Wines are majorly produced in the Bequah Valley of the region.

China is a major Asian Wine producer, it being the 6th largest contributor in the world to the wine market. Though winemaking has gained immense prominence in China owing to French and other Western influences since 1980, its history dates back to more than 4000 years ago. Red wine dominates the consumption pattern and the major wine regions of the country are Beijing, Yantai, Zhangjiakou and other regions.