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Aluwa is a sweet dish popular in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, mainly during Sinhala and Tamil New Year Season. It is made of milk, sugar, butter and dry fruits. It has the form of diamond shaped pieces.

Aluwa Recipes

Aluwa recipes may vary widely with the ingredients and method of preparation used. Here is one of the popular aluwa recipes.
Aluwa Recipe- Ingredients
Common ingredients of Aluwa are - sugar, condensed milk, milk, butter or ghee, finely chopped cashew nuts, rose water and cardamom powder.

Method of Preparation of Aluwa
The sugar, milk, condensed milk and ghee are put into a large heated pan, preferably a non stick one. This is cooked over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it reaches soft form at about 116 degrees Celsius on a candy thermometer. To test if it is of correct consistency, a little bit of the mixture is dropped into ice cold water. If it firms enough to be molded into a soft ball, it is done correctly. It is then removed from the heat, and nuts, rosewater and cardamom powder is mixed in it. It is then poured into a buttered dish and pressed lightly on the top with aluminum foil to make it flat a t the surface. It is then allowed to set, and is cut into diamond shape pieces. The delicious aluwa is now ready to serve.

Serving Aluwa
Aluwa is served as a dessert after a meal, or as a sweet snack for any time munching.

Varieties of Aluwa.
Aluwa can have different variants depending upon the ingredients chosen in the Aluwa recipes. For example, a recipe uses cream of wheat along with other ingredients. Another uses semolina, and yet another has rice flour and even mashed potatoes added to the other ingredients, namely milk, sugar, and dry fruits.