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Acuka, better known as Muhammara in the South-eastern regions of Turkey, is basically a sauce prepared form hot peppers. The Acuka recipe is predominantly savored as a dip in authentic Turkish cuisines. In addition, the popularity of this dip is observed in countries like Syria, Aleppo, Levant, Anatolia, besides Turkey. Since the principal ingredient of Acuka is red hot pepper, the dip is extremely spicy and thus typically relished with bland dishes.

History of Acuka recipe:
There are no historical evidences to prove the ancient nature of Acuka. On the other hand, the Acuka recipe seems to be the product of modern trends which emphasizes on the preparation of delectable condiments to enhance the taste of otherwise bland dishes.

Ingredients used and popular preparation method of Acuka recipe
The basic ingredients of the authentic recipe of Acuka are fresh red pepper paste, tomato paste, crumbled walnut, cumin seeds, mashed garlic, bread crumbs, salt and olive oil. Below mentioned are the basic cooking methods used for the preparation of genuine Acuka recipe.

  • Mixing- The first and the most important step for the preparation of Acuka is the fine mix of all the ingredients, leaving the walnuts, in a bowl. It is advisable to taste the mixed paste for the right presence of all the ingredients.
  • Roasting- In an authentic Acuka, the walnuts are first crumbled and then roasted on a fry pan placed over a low flame until they start to release their natural oils. The addition of properly roasted walnuts lends their dominant flavor to the dish.

Serving and eating Acuka recipe:
Generally, Acuka is served as a hot appetizer along with snacks, especially, Turkish raki. The Acuka recipe also serves the purpose of sauce or dip along with delicacies like fish, grilled meats and kebabs. In addition, the sauce may also be spread over toast or other breads for making delectable breakfast options. The sauce is mostly prepared in huge quantities and stored in air-tight containers. They are served cold or at normal temperature along with side dishes.

Popular variations of Acuka recipe:
Popular variations, in terms of addition of other ingredients like lemon juice, garlic, pomegranate syrup and cumin are observed in modern day recipes of Acuka. These ingredients, especially, garlic, are added to lend an additional strong flavor to this hot Turkish dip. Further, creative garnishing like mint leaves are done to the dish to enhance both its visual and taste factor.