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Oriental Oden

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Today, we will see How to Make Oden (Assorted Stew). This is one of the most popular dish made in Japan during winters. A lot of ingredients are used for this recipe so don’t shy away from making the dish because it is extremely delicious. So, let’s find out how to make Oden (Assorted Stew) to enjoy it.
  Daikon radish 1
  Konjac 1
  Eggs 2 Small
  Potato 1
  Cabbage leaf 1
  Spinach leaves 4
  Hanpen fish 1 , minced and steamed
  Fried fish 1
  Fried tofu 1
  Rice cake 1
  Pork slice 1
  Enoki mushrooms 1
  Mushrooms 2
  Welsh onion 1
  Mustard To Taste
  Water 5 Cup (80 tbs) (1200 Milliliters)
  Kombu kelp 4 Inch
  Dried bonito flakes 2⁄3 Ounce
  Soy sauce 3 Tablespoon
  Mirin 3 Tablespoon

1. With the help of a knife, make grill style pattern on both sides of konjac.
2. Cut into triangles and boil briefly.
3. Peel the skin of daikon radish and cut into half moon.
4. Make a cross shape cut on one side of the daikon.
5. Microwave it until a bamboo skewer goes easily through its surface.
6. Cut the potato with its skin in half.
7. Cut the deep fried tofu in half.
8. Cut the sliced pork in 1 inch pieces.
9. Cut welsh onion thinly and diagonally.
10. Cut shimeji into small pieces and cut enoki mushrooms.
11. Cut the rice cake into 4 pieces.
12. Cut the fried fish and tofu cake in half.
13. Cut hanpen.
14. Now parboil the fried fish and tofu cake to make easy to soak up broth.
15. For the same reason parboil the deep fried tofu and remove oil with a kitchen paper.
16. Cook the cabbage leaf in boiling water.
17. Cook the root part of spinach first and squeeze tightly.
18. Remove the stiff stock of cabbage.
19. Place the spinach in the cabbage leaf and roll tightly.
20. Stick skewers in cabbage roll after every 1 ½ inches.
21. Make cuts between the bamboo skewers.
22. Make cut between the bamboo skewers.
23. Stick the bamboo skewer into the hanpen and fried fish and tofu cake.
24. To make soft boiled egg, add vinegar to water and gently place the eggs in it which were kept at room temperature.
25. Boil the eggs for 6 minutes and soak the eggs in ice water.
26. Remove the egg shell and cut the egg lengthwise in halves.
27. Put rice cake, sliced pork, welsh onion and mushroom in a deep fried tofu pouch.
28. Close the pouch with a tooth pick.
29. Put the sea weed in an earthen pot. Drain the stock to remove bonito flakes.
30. To this stock add mirin, konjac and daikon radish. Cook for abourt 30 minutes on low heat.
31. Now add the fried tofu pouch, potato, small fried fish and tofu cake and cook for 15 more minutes.
32. At the end, add bamboo skewers with the cabbage roll, soft boiled egg and cook for 5 more minutes.

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Main Dish
Japanese Assorted Stew
Stews always top the list of your favorites? Here's an amazing video that shows a great Japanese assorted stew recipe called Oden. This dish is an absolute bliss in winters. Don't deprive yourself of the authentic Oriental taste. Watch the video now.

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Oriental Oden Recipe, Japanese Assorted Stew