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Sea Bass Baked In Asian Parcels

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  Leeks 2
  Thick sea bass fillets 4
  Spring onions 4
  Lemongrass stalks 4
  New potatoes 12 , cut in half and parboiled for 5 minutes
  Mushrooms 4 Large, cut in half
  Red chili 1 Small, deseeded and finely chopped
  Carrot 1 Large, finely shredded
  Dry white wine 200 Milliliter
  Coconut milk 2 Tablespoon
  Lemon 1 , juiced
  Freshly ground black pepper To Taste

Preheat the oven to 160°C/325°F/gas mark 3.
Take 4 x 30 cm squares of foil and make each one into the shape of a large bowl.
Double each one up with a second sheet of foil.
Slice the leeks into small strings and divide between the 4 foil parcels, placing them in the bottom of each one.
Add a whole spring onion to each parcel, followed by a lemongrass stalk which should be cut in half.
Now add 6 potato halves, 2 mushroom halves and a little of the chopped chilli to each parcel.
Place some shredded carrot in each one, then place the fish fillets on the top. (Cooked in this way, the fish will steam rather than poach.)
In a bowl, mix the white wine, coconut milk and lemon juice and season with black pepper.
Pour over the sea bass in the 4 parcels.
Take 4 more large squares of foil and cover each parcel, making it dome-like and folding the joins well so that they are airtight.
Now cook in the oven for 40 minutes.
When they are ready, place each parcel on a plate and take to the table.
Then, using a large knife, make an incision from top to bottom.
This dish is eaten in the foil, which keeps all the flavours and aromas right in front of you as you eat.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Main Dish
Preparation Time: 
30 Minutes
Cook Time: 
50 Minutes
Ready In: 
80 Minutes

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Sea Bass Baked In Asian Parcels Recipe