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Mutton Biryani

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  Rice 750 Gram
  Mutton 1 Kilogram
  Yoghurt 75 Gram
  Onions 5
  Garlic 1 Clove (5 gm)
  Cinnamon sticks 2
  Cloves 3
  Green cardamom 8
  Whole black peppercorns 7
  Cumin seeds 1 Teaspoon
  Bay leaves 12
  Salt To Taste
  Ground pepper 1 Teaspoon

Wash the mutton pieces thoroughly and drain away the water.
Put the mutton in a bowl and put into it yogurt, half of the whole garam masala and 3 to 4 bay leaves.
Mix the ingredients well so that each piece is coated.
Add salt and pepper powder to this.
Leave it for at least 4 to 5 hours.
For best results, keep overnight.
Measure the quantity of rice being used, with a hollow utensil.
Note amount.
Wash the rice thoroughly with water and soak the rice in sufficient amount of water for half an hour.
Slice the onions.
Take the garlic cloves and peel them.
Slice them into two pieces lengthwise.
Heat a little oil in a pan and add half the sliced onions.
Fry till the onions change colour into golden brown.
Once they are fried, place the onions on a paper towel so that the excess oil is soaked.
Take the balance whole spices and bay leaves and put them into the oil that is left after frying the onions.
Cook these over a low flame for a few seconds.
Wait till the spices begin changing their colors and then add all of the garlic cloves.
Cook this for a few seconds before adding the remaining onion.
Let the onions glaze over a low flame.
Add salt according to your taste.
Take each of the mutton pieces and squeeze it gently in order to remove the excess marinade.
Add the mutton pieces, one by one, to the oil.
Now, for the next 15 to 20 min,fry or cook the mutton pieces.
Then add the yogurt marinade to it and cook it further for the next 15 mins.
Put the mutton in a pressure cooker and cook it in full steam for 10 to 12 mins.
After this, cook it over a low heat for another 15 mins.
When it is done, remove the pressure cooker from the fire.
Let all the steam escape from it and then open the lid.
Pass the contents through a strainer.
Keep aside the mutton pieces.
Mash the onion/garlic and the whole spices mixture left in the strainer, with the help of a ladle.
Add it to the liquid.
Now take the same bowl that was used to measure the rice and use it to measure the amount of liquid.
This liquid should be exactly double the amount of rice used.
If, in any case, the liquid falls short of the required amount, then add some lukewarm water to it.
Now grease the inner wall of a heavy bottomed pan with oil or butter.
Take the bay leaves and make a layer with it in such a way that the entire surface of the pan is covered.
Make a layer with the uncooked rice.
Top this layer with a layer of mutton pieces.
Then take the liquid and add a few ladlefuls to it.
Make sure to turn the pan while adding the liquid.
This will help in spreading it evenly.
Repeat this process again, beginning with rice and ending with the liquid spread.
Continue doing this till all the mutton, rice and the liquid is used up.
Also, note that the last layer should be that of rice.
Take the fried onions and add the pieces in between the layers.
Spread some on the top layer as well.
Take dough and roll it into a cylindrical shape.
Cover the pan with a lid that's exactly the same size as its mouth and seal it firmly by wrapping the dough around the rim of the pan and lid.
Place this pan on a fire and place some weight on the lid.
Put it on a high fire and cook it for the first 5 to 6 mins.
Next, turn the fire low and cook it for say another 12 to 15 mins.
When the dough becomes hard and crispy, it means that the biryani is done.
Now remove it from the fire and serve hot.

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Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 5011 Calories from Fat 1128

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 126 g193.4%

Saturated Fat 52.5 g262.3%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 679.7 mg226.6%

Sodium 1087.9 mg45.3%

Total Carbohydrates 690 g230.1%

Dietary Fiber 30.1 g120.3%

Sugars 33.7 g

Protein 257 g513.9%

Vitamin A 18.4% Vitamin C 102.2%

Calcium 76.4% Iron 198.6%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Mutton Biryani Recipe