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Boiled Artichokes

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  Artichokes 6
  Salt 3 Tablespoon
  Water 6 Quart
  Hollandaise sauce/Melted butter 1 Tablespoon

Cut off artichoke stalks; pull off hard outer leaves.
Trim off points of remaining leaves with scissors.
Cut off about 1/4 of top, which removes many thorny pointed leaves.
Place artichokes in boiling salted water; boil about 45 minutes, until base is tender but not mushy.
Drain upside down.
Before serving, remove choke or hairy growth by center by opening top leaves and pulling out tender center or cone in one piece.
Below cone is choke; scrape off with spoon to expose tender artichoke heart.
Discard choke.
Replace cone upside down in center.
Fill with Hollandaise Sauce, or serve butter separately.
Pull off each leaf, beginning at bottom.
Dunk base of leaf in sauce; pull between teeth to scrape off tender flesh.
Discard remainder of leaf.
Continue this way until all leaves are eaten.
Discard cone; cut base into wedges.
Dip into remaining sauce.

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