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Grilled Apricot

Grilled apricot is apricot fruit baked by the application of dry heat through a process of cooking known as grilling, with the grilled fruit commonly being served as a dessert along with ice cream. The apricots are grilled on hot grill or in a grill pan until soft. Apricots are cut into halves and the seeds are removed, before they are put on grill. Apricot halves are often brushed with butter or oil prior to grilling.

Apricot is an orange colored fruit of Prunus species, native to Armenia. However, there is a little confusion about the origin of this fruit, with a few people saying that it is native to China and some saying that it has its origin in India.

Preparation Analysis

There are quite a number of recipe variations of grilled apricot. The simplest grilled apricot recipe suggests tossing pitted apricot halves in a mix of salt, black pepper, and olive oil and grilling them until soft and slightly charred. The apricot halves are placed cut side down on the grill and turned over once during grilling. Grilled apricots can also be prepared by coating apricot halves with a mix of butter and sugar, and then grilling them while turning them frequently. One of the recipes suggests grilling apricots after topping them with only sugar. They are grilled until sugars caramelize and edges are brown.


  • Grilled apricots are popularly served with ice cream. The dessert is sprinkled with toasted almonds and drizzled with honey before being served.
  • Grilled apricot pairs well with soft cheese.
  • Grilled apricots can be served after being sprinkled with walnuts and topped with yogurt.
  • The grilled fruit can simply be served with a drizzle of melted chocolate and a topping of toasted almonds.

Culinary Uses

Grilled apricot is popularly used as one of the salad ingredients, made with apricots, onions, tomatoes, arugula, cheese, and several herbs, seasonings, and balsamic vinegar based dressing.

Nutrition and Health Facts

Grilled apricot is believed to possess the goodness of apricot which is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. The fruit is loaded with several vital minerals and vitamins, like potassium, zinc, calcium, iron and vitamins A and C, which help in maintaining optimum health of an individual. The phyto-chemicals present in apricots help in protecting an individual from cancer, bad cholesterol, and heart diseases.