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Apricot With Cheese

Apricot with cheese or Apricot cheese is a traditional Britsh dessert, made from sugar, ripe apricots, cream and cheese.


The recipe is from the original Victorian version. It was mentioned in Robert Kemp Philp’s 1859 book, the Dictionary of Daily Wants.


Ripe apricots





Traditional Preparation

In traditional recipe, the ripe apricots are put together with sugar and water which is then brought to a boil and stirred till it becomes pulpy. Gelatine is added and the mould refrigerated. Once it is taken out on a plate from the mould, whipped cream is put on the center of it.

Modern Preparation

In the modern preparation, gelatin is first dissolved in water and set aside. In the meantime, apricots are cooked with sugar and water until the mixture is pulpy. The mixture is then meshed through the sieve with a spoon to get the fine puree out of it. The gelatin is squeezed and combined with the puree and heated over the flame till the gelatin is completely dissolved. It is then taken off the heat to be allowed to be cooled before a hollow is made into it to be filled up with cream.

Nutritional Value

2 table spoons of apricot and cheese contains 80 calories, with 11% of total fat, 23% of saturated fat, cholesterol 7%, sodium 2%, and total carbohydrates 1%. It also consists of 2% of calcium and 4% of Vitamin A.

Health Value

Apricots: 3 apricots only have 50 calories therefore it is beneficial for weight watchers. They are a rich source of vitamin A, which is helpful in promoting the cardiovascular health, beneficial to the eyes and contains dietry fiber and antioxidants including lycopene which strengthens the immune system. It is said that dried apricots have better health value than the ripe apricots.