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Apple is a flowering fruit of the apple tree. With the scientific name Malus domestica, Apple has a long storage life and it is a highly nutritious fruit. Firm texture, sweet or tart flavor and red color are some of the main characteristics of apple. It is not only eaten as a fruit but also used as an ingredient in many dishes around the world. Apple pie, apple custard and caramelized apple are some of the apple dishes commonly served in international cuisine.

Origin of Apple

The old English word ‘aeppel’ is believed to be the original word from where ‘Apple’ word is derived. In the prehistoric lakes of Switzerland, the remains of the apple were found by the archeologists. Though the exact origin of apple is still unknown but few evidences show its origin either in South Western Asia or in Kazakhstan in South Central Asia. Evidences also show that in Stone Age also the consumption of apple was high.

Methods of Preparation of Apple Recipes

Apple is one of the widely used fruits in desserts and breakfast dishes. It can be either cooked separately or in combination with other fruits and ingredients. Most of the apple dishes are made by steaming or baking the apples. Mashed apple or chopped apple is the common ingredient used in making traditional apple dishes like apple pie and apple custard. Apple gets browned very quickly after cutting. To avoid the browning of apple before making apple dishes, it is advised to soak apple in the mixture of citrus juice and water.

Cuisines Commonly Making Apple Dishes

Apple dishes are mostly seen in English cuisine. The first English Apple pie dish is made in 14th century and since then it is one of the favorite apple recipes around the world. Apple and pumpkin soup, apple and strawberry drink are the apple recipes commonly served in American cuisine. Dutch apple cake is one of the most popular apple dishes in Dutch cuisine. In Swedish cuisine also, apple pie is a popular apple dish but it is different from famous English apple pie.

Nutritional Value of Apple

Apple is a great source of iron and full of soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber present in apple in the form of pectin helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood. The insoluble fiber helps in cleansing the digestive system and intestinal tract. With high nutrients like vitamin C and A, calcium, potassium and phosphorus; apple is considered as the most beneficial fruit for the overall development of the body. It is rightly said “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Buying and Storing

Apple Being one of the most highly grown fruit all over the world, apple is readily available at any grocery store or fruit mart. While picking the apple, it should be kept in mind that the skin should not be dull looking but shiny. The texture of apple should be firm at the time of purchase. Fresh apple would only give nice flavor to apple dishes. Bruises and puncture free apples are always considered fresh and suitable for apple recipes. Storage of apple is also very easy as it can be refrigerated at about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigeration keeps the apple fresh and crisp.

Types of Apple

• Red delicious apple – It is the most common apple grown in almost all parts of world. It is deep red in color and round in shape.

• Golden delicious apple – It is sweeter in taste, golden-green in color and juicier than red apple. Mostly used as a baking apple in many apple recipes.

• Granny Smith apple – It is the most durable apple with a balanced sweet and tart taste. This is the first green apple in the international market. • Winesap apple – It has a distinct flavor of wine and it is little spicy too.

• Rome apples – This variety of apple is known as ‘Beauty of Rome’. It is the most suitable apple for making apple cider or baked apple dishes.

Apple Trivia

• If 10 apple trees are grown with same seeds then all tree would be different.

• The largest producer of Apple is China and US came next.