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Wisconsin food consists of wide range of dishes made by using dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. The place is usually referred to as the dairy and cheese state and gives shelter to hundreds of cheese factories. From soups to salads to appetizers to main course to desserts, cheese is all over. Besides, the cuisine of Wisconsin also offers a range of dishes including meats and greens.

Commonly Used Ingredients For Preparing Wisconsin Foods

Apart from dairy products, the food in Wisconsin makes use of meat and vegetables. Pork and beef are commonly eaten. Sausages are relished by the natives of Wisconsin and are included in everyday meals. The availability of fresh water fish makes it one of the staples. Apples, raspberries, strawberries, sour cherries and cranberries are relished in salads and many recipes. The vegetables resources are abundant and are consumed as per the seasonal produce.The flavors are not very bold in Wisconsin food and dill, sage, caraway, mustard and parsley are the spices mostly used.

Common Cooking Methods Adopted By Wisconsin Cuisine

Wisconsin food is usually prepared by grilling, poaching, sautéing, frying and baking.

Popular Wisconsin Recipes

  • Fish fry- A perch or walleye dish; it is a popular Wisconsin food which is accompanied by cold beer.
  • Cheese curds- Since Wisconsin is a dairy land of America, cheese curds are eaten in the form of snacks and appetizer.
  • Bratwurst- A popular food of Wisconsin which is prepared in broth or beer; usually consists of veal, beef or pork
  • Beef Short Ribs In Red Wine Sauce- A tasty meat preparation using spices and red wine.
  • Wisconsin Cheese Curd Potato Salad- Creamy potato salad made with cheese curd; normally served as a side dish.
  • Lemon Horse Radish New Potatoes- Baked potatoes in butter, lemon juice and horse radish sauce, garnished with parsley and lemon
  • Garlic asparagus with lime- Tangy asparagus dish which is usually relished as an appetizer.
  • Kringle- A Danish pastry of oval shape filled with nuts and fruits.

Trivia- Wisconsin Cuisine

Milk is consumed widely and is referred to as the state beverage.

Wisconsin is also known as the beer capital of America.

The state is the largest producer of ginseng.

The state tree of Wisconsin is sugar maple and is used for preparing Wisconsin food.