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West Virginia

West Virginia food is basically southeastern US in nature, due to the geographical location of the state, where West Virginia is located in Southeastern and Appalachian regions of US, with the major specialties including chicken, bacons, hams, sausages, seafood and wild game.

Commonly Used Ingredients of West Virginia Cuisine

  • Honey and sorghum are the sweeteners used in preparation of West Virginia food.

  • Salt and black pepper are the two ingredients which are normally used as seasonings. Historically, when pepper was not available, spicebush herb was used for seasoning the food.

Popular Foods of West Virginia Cuisine

  • Seafood—seafood dishes, which gained popularity in the cuisine of West Virginia only in the modern times is famous for locally caught crawdads (crayfish) and fish.

  • Hams– cut of meat normally from the thighs of pig, available in cured or cooked form

  • Bacons– cured meat made up of pig

  • Sausages –a dish prepared of ground meat, salt, herbs and various spices.

  • Wild game- Squirrel and venison are the most popular wild game specialties in West Virginia.

  • Buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy– this is one of the common breakfast items in West Virginia, where creamy biscuits are served with cooked pork sausages dipped in gravy made up of flour, milk, salt and pepper.

  • Fried chicken – this is one of the highly admired West Virginia food item

  • Chicken and dumplings – this is a highly loved dish of West Virginia, where chicken is served with dumplings made up by rolling out a mix of flour, butter or lard, milk or water, and chicken stock..

  • Pinto beans- these are preferred during the winter months to prepare various kinds of soups with ham flavored bean soup being the most popular one.

  • Biscuits with honey-this is one of the favorite meals of the state, which is consumed popularly in the form of snack.

  • Tomatoes- canned tomatoes are available as one of the common West Virginia food items, with fried green tomatoes being available widely, which are usually served in the form of side dish prepared from green and unripe tomatoes which are fried after coating them with cornmeal.