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Vidal Blanc

Vidal blanc, also known as Vidal and Vidal 256, is a popular white dessert wine grape from France, which produces sweet wine with high acidity that has hints of fruity aromas of pineapple and grapefruit. The skin of the grape is thick and tough, which makes it ideal for making ice wine that has tangerine and apricot notes and it is quite popular in the cold regions such as the Great Lakes in the United States and also in Ontario, Canada.


Vidal blanc is a derivative of a crossing between two different parents such as Seibel and Ugni Blanc varietals and the word “Vidal” means created in French. This hybrid variety grows very well in very cold climates and yet maintains high level of sugar and acidity. Jean Louis Vidal, a French breeder developed this varietal in the year 1930s as he wanted a good grape that could produce wines such as Cognac, especially in Charente, France. However, the hardiness of the grape makes it ideally suited for equally hardy cold climates of northeastern America and Canada.

Culinary Uses & Popular Accompaniments

  • Vidal blanc wine is ideally suited as a dessert wine.
  • The wine is also used in providing a wonderful flavor to baked veggies, mushrooms, etc.
  • It goes very well with cheeses such as blue cheese and seafood such as crab, lobster and shrimp.

Popular Vidal Blanc Recipes

Vidal blanc is not only served as a table wine, but is also used in various dishes. Detailed here are a couple of recipes –

  • Vidal Blanc Tilapia & Gourmet Veggies Couscous – This is a very simple tilapia preparation. Cook tilapia fillet in a mixture of butter and wine. Season them with salt and pepper and garnish with chopped wheat nuts. The dish is served with a mixture of Raspberry Summer wine and balsamic vinegar.
  • Summerset Vidal Blanc Baked Stuffed Mushrooms – This is another delicious preparation using the wine. Sauté chopped mushroom caps along with garlic, lemon juice and wine and place the mushroom caps in a greased baking dish. Top with bread crumbs followed by a mixture of chopped mushroom stems, beaten egg, parmesan cheese, wine and orange juice and part of the garlic mixture. Fill the mushroom caps with this mixture and top with the remaining garlic mixture and bake till done. Garnish with parmesan cheese, if desired.

Buying & Storage Tips

  • Vidal blanc is a white wine grape that has a tough skin. Certain points to consider while buying these grapes are to ensure that the skin is crack and wrinkle free without any spots of blemishes.
  • The color of the grapes should be even all through and the grapes should be on the stem in bunches.
  • The ripe grapes should be refrigerated without washing; else they can ferment if kept outside at room temperature.
  • If washed (which should be avoided, unless being consumed immediately. They should be wipes clean off all moisture and wrapped loosely in paper towels.