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Veterans Day

Veteran Day meals are usually served to mark the Veteran Day celebration, which is dedicated to the people who have made efforts to protect the country. It is observed on 11th of November every year in the United States. The day is known as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in many other parts of the world, and is celebrated by hosting and attending theme parties based on the day.

Popular Veteran Day Recipes

  • Crab puffs- The dish consists of crabmeat fried with creamy cheese and spice and is served at lot of places to mark the celebration of this special day.
  • Carrot soup- A very simple and healthy soup preparation of carrots and other vegetables flavored with spices, carrot soup is a common dish of this day.
  • Cream trifle- Sponge cake, layered with Jell-o crystals, assortment of fruits and custard makes an ideal dessert to conclude the Veteran Day meals.

Significance Of Veteran Day Food

The veterans are the people who have served the country for a better future and thus the day is celebrated by serving food to friends, family and people in need to recognize the efforts of such people.

Customary Way Of Eating And Serving Veteran Day Food

The Veteran Day meals are provided without any cost in schools and offices. Many organizations and restaurants also host such events. Children have Veteran Day parties in the school which are meant to honor the living military veterans. The food at this day is diverse and includes many dishes. Crab puffs, sandwiches, chicken dishes, barbecued meat, soups and desserts are mostly relished on this day.

Trivia- Veteran Day

In the year 1938, Veteran Day was announced as National holiday.