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Vermont food is famous for dairy products and seafood dishes, which form an essential part of the cuisine of New England. The state Vermont is situated in New England area of Northern Eastern United States, which is quite dependant upon fishing industry and seaports. Also, dairy farming is carried out extensively in the inland regions of the state, thus resulting in the dominance of dairy products in the region.

Historical Influence on Vermont Cuisine

The cuisine of Vermont, a state of New England, has been inspired from the Puritan settlers, who originally belonged to Eastern England, where the primary method of cooking food consisted of baking as against frying. Thus, the cuisine of New England, and hence the cuisine of Vermont adopted baking as the main method of cooking food, where food items like turkey, beans and peas are prepared through baking process.

Commonly used Ingredients and Cooking Methods of Vermont Cuisine


  • Potato is the typical starch ingredient used in preparation of various food items in Vermont.

  • Sage and parsley are used commonly in almost all recipes, with an addition of nutmeg in few of them.

  • Extensive dairy farming results in ample use of cream in Vermont food preparation.

Cooking Methods

Baking and stewing are the two methods which are extensively used in the food preparation in Vermont. Frying method of cooking food is rarely followed.

Popular Vermont Recipes and Foods

  • Maple syrup– this is the staple Vermont food item, which is prepared from xylem sap attained from sugar maple, black maple or red maple trees. The syrup is used in preparing various dishes in the state, where it is used as an essential ingredient in preparation of baked beans.

  • Cheddar cheese- it refers to hard and light yellow colored cheese, with sharp flavors, which is produced in huge amount in the Vermont state.

  • Seafood dishes- seafood dishes of cod, haddock, salmon, trout and shad are highly preferred by the people of Vermont, where the seafood item is cooked by baking, boiling or frying method. Among seafood dishes, lobster roll and crab cake are also admired by the people.

  • Clam chowder- this is one of the favorite Vermont food items, which refers to a combination of meat based broth and clams.