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Utah food is included in a regional cuisine of the Western United States with an influence of the Native American ranch/ cowboy food culture. In Utah, outdoor cooking is quite common and thus, Chuckwagon dinners are commonplace on ranches or tourists locales. Wild game meats hold a special place in the state cuisine and Rocky Mountain oysters are the most favored among the seafood.

Popular Traditional Utah Recipes

Cranberry jello salad– Often called Cranberry gelatin or jelly salad, this salad incorporates flavored gelatin, grated carrots or other vegetables and cranberries. Some variations may also include cream cheese, pretzels, nuts or cottage cheese.

Fry sauce– Generally served in the restaurants, this popular Utah food uses ketchup or barbecue sauce as the key ingredient.

Festive and Special Utah Recipes

Funeral potatoes are a traditional food of Utah generally eaten as a Latter-day Saint casserole or hot dish at after-funeral dinners where it is mainly served as a side dish. The dish is also often served during social gatherings and potlucks. This preparation contains potato cubes or hash browns, Parmesan or Cheddar cheese, cream sauce or cream soup of mushroom, celery or chicken, onions and sour cream. Toppings of crushed potato chips, butter and cornflakes are generally used for this dish. For the potlucks, Jell-Os are also common entrees.

Popular Branded Utah Cuisine Products

Here is the most popular branded Utah food and drink–

Apple Beer– A non-alcoholic version of the German Fassbrause, this cult drink produced by the Salt Lake City based The Apple Beer Corporation is made of pure cane sugar and has been popular in the region and the adjoining areas since the 1960s.

Jell-O– A branded gelatin dessert by U.S.-based Kraft Foods, Jello-Os have special place in the cuisine of Utah. This wobbly and gooey dessert available in various fruity flavors and colors are most popularly served at children’s birthday parties across Utah. Jell-O salads are a common place in the state’s cuisine.

Places Famous for Foods from Utah Cuisine

Snelgrove's Ice Cream– This family owned business in Salt Lake City is one of most favored Utah food outlets for frozen desserts. In business since 1929, this ice cream parlor in Utah is iconic for its Canadian Vanilla and Burnt Almond Fudge.

Arctic Circle Restaurants– This is the most popular restaurant chain based in Utah’s Midvale. There are 73 restaurants out of which a half of the total are located in Utah. This restaurant is best known for its Fry sauce invention and kids’ meal. Other than these, fresh lime squeezes, fresh Lime rickeys (non-alcoholic), halibut and fries, salads and fries, burgers and shakes from this chain are the most popular.

Utah Cuisine: Trivia

  • In 2001, Green Jell-O was made the official snack of Utah and also, an annual “Jell-O Week” was declared by Governor Michael O. Leavitt.

  • Two of the souvenir pins during the 2002 Winter Olympics held in the Salt Lake City, contained the image of the popular Utah food items - Funeral Potatoes and green Jell-O.