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Tom Colicchio

Thomas Patrick “Tom” Colicchio is also known as Tom Colicchio. He is one of the best American celebrity chefs. He was born on August 15, 1962 in New Jersey, US. In 1994, he founded the Gramercy Tavern in the New York City. There he served as the co-owner and executive chef. In 2003 and 2005 the place was voted as the Most Popular Restaurant in the New York City according to the Zagat Survey. But in 2006, he sold his interest and was no longer affiliated with the restaurant.

He also founded the Craft and Colicchio & Sons restaurants. He is regarded as consultant by various popular programs on food. One of the favorite Tom Colicchio recipes is sandwiches, which are very famous in the New York City.

Achievements by Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio has received five James Beard Foundation Medals for his cooking methods. He has been a popular chef on Great Chef Television. He’s been the head judge in a Bravo Reality TV show called Top Chef every season. On this show Tom Colicchio recipes are presented by the contestants. Tom Colicchio has also been the consulting producer on the Top Chef Spin-off series called Top Chef Masters. In 2010, he was given the Outstanding Chef award by the James Beard Foundation. He was also given the Emmy Award for his Outstanding Reality Competition Programming for being the executive producer of the Top Chef.

Tom Colicchio Cookbooks

Tom Colicchio has written a number of well known cookbooks. A few of the noteworthy one are:

1. Think Like a Chef – this cookbook has party recipes where he has done new innovations using fresh ingredients.

2. Craft of Cooking – this cookbook has Tom Colicchio recipes and notes directly from the restaurant kitchen.

3. Top Chef The Cookbook – in this cookbook he has included all his top rated recipes and has also shared many of his secrets for tasty and easy to prepare dishes.

4. ‘Wichcraft – this cookbook is the most popular among the young people. It contains recipes on how one can craft sandwiches into a meal using various colourful and tasty ingredients.

Tom Colicchio recipes are fun to make and mostly children enjoy in making them.

Tom Colicchio Restaurants

He is the owner of many top rated restaurants. Some of them are

1. Craft – New York City, Atlanta, Dallas. Los Angeles.

2. Craft Bar – Los Angeles and New York City.

3. River Park – New York.

4. Colicchio & Sons – New York City.

5. Craft Steak – Las Vegas and Ledyard, Connecticut.

Optimistic Attitude of Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio is married to Ms Silverbush who is a filmmaker. Their marriage was scheduled five days after 9/11 attacks. In the first hours of the attack they were in dilemma whether to carry on the event but still they fought with it and carried on very well. And shortly after the September 11 attacks Tom Colicchio was part of a volunteer army serving food to rescue workers at Ground Zero.

Tom Collichio recipes are widely loved by the food lovers because of his constant experimentation and good taste.