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Super Bowl Snack

Super bowl snack refers to foods that are consumed during the Super Bowl event held every year in America. Super Bowl is a championship game that has been held by the National Football League (NFL) of America, for more than 4 decades now. Americans love their food, more so during the long drawn thrilling football matches held at the Super Bowl. The consumption of calorie rich and oily food increases to a large extent during this time. Chips, wafers, fries, burgers, bars and other theme based snacks are popular during this period.

Popular Super Bowl Snacks

There are a number of Super Bowl snack recipes popular all over America. Detailed here are a few recipes -

  • French Fries – These are made by deep frying thin strips of potatoes (preferably red skin potatoes) to a golden brown and when done, they are seasoned with salt and pepper. These fries are ideally served with hamburgers or hot dogs. When the potatoes are quartered or cut into thick strips, they are called wedges.
  • Hot Dogs – This is another popular snack of America, though it originates in Germany. It was popularized by the German immigrants. Sausage is placed in a hot dog bun and topped with mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish and onions.
  • Potato chips and crispy wafers are other popular Super Bowl snacks consumed with a variety of dips and salsas during Super Bowl.


Americans take in the maximum calories during Super bowl, the second most watched sport in the world. Records state that about 111 million people watched the 2011 Super Bowl (XLV) and the consumption of Super Bowl snacks was the highest, among other foods.