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Super Bowl Drink

Superbowl Drinks are beverages that are served during the Super Bowl parties– the celebrations of the National Federation League annual football championships held in January. Often believed to be celebrated even more than the New Year Eve, Super bowl Sunday is celebrated with a wide variety of Super Bowl drinks which comprise alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which complement the vibrant moods of the partying people. Some of the typical superbowl drink recipes are beer, whiskey, rum, cola, vodka, soda, fruit juice and punch. Iced tea and cocktails are also much-liked superbowl drinks.

Popular Superbowl Drink Recipes

Superbowl drinks form an important part of the party menu along with the food that is served. Purposed to last the entire period of time beginning from a few days before the game to the post-game celebrations, the quantity purchased or prepared should be high and varied. Requisite amount of ice should also be stocked along with it to keep the beverages chilled. Some of the common super bowl drink recipes and ideas are described below:

  • Beer and other alcoholic beverages- the most typical of all superbowl drinks, it is one beverage that is consumed the most and for a budget-based party, this can be selected as the only drink to be served during the celebrations. Liquors are a favorite for the party. Super bowl drink recipes often complement spiced rum and vodka, common favorites, with diet cola and tonic water respectively. Soda and fruit juices like those of cranberry and orange are also used as complements to vodka.
  • Non alcoholic drinks- this category of superbowl drinks is best suited for consumption by people on alcohol restricted diets. Fruit juices of different kinds, soda and lemonade are popular beverages of this category. Non- alcoholic punch recipes of different kinds are typical superbowl drink recipes. Iced tea and coffee are the ones that complete the superbowl drinks menu.