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S'more is a sandwich which is prepared by placing roasted marshmallows and chocolate in between two Graham cracker pieces. The dessert is associated with campfire treats in the United States and Canada. It is also known as Smore in some places of America.

The term is an abbreviation for the English phrase ‘some more’. The dessert is easy to make and involves toasting the marshmallows over the campfire before removing them from the fire with the aid of two Graham crackers. A layer of chocolate is usually added to one of the crackers and the heat from the marshmallows melts it. The recent day variation includes assembling the entire dessert prior to heating it atop an open flame.

The Girls Scouts have been traditionally associated with creating the dessert although the exact date of invention has not been recorded.

The Supermarkets and grocery stores across the United States of America place all the ingredients required for assembling a s'more in a single section. Several kits which include an indoor heating source along with the ingredients are now sold as an unit.

The traditional dessert has inspired many chefs and confectioners to create a number of variations over the years. Consequently, it is possible to get the smore ingredients in the form of cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and pies now.

Origin of the S'more

The first mention of the marshmallow dessert was found in the 1927 publication called, “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts”. Loretta Scott Crew is credited with the very first recipe and is believed to have prepared them over a campfire for the Girl Scouts. Various other recipes have been published later on with the smores achieving much popularity as camping treats until 1971.

S'more Recipes: Ingredients and Preparation Overview

Described as an easy recipe that is cooked in minutes, the smores require a couple of Graham crackers and a standard bar of chocolate along with marshmallows as the usual ingredients.

It is essential to hold the marshmallows over the open flame until it becomes soft and starts to melt. The next part involves sandwiching it between two crackers along with the bar of chocolate. The dessert is now prepared and ready to eat after it has cooled down a bit.

S’More: Serving Suggestions

  • Cold weather version- The popular camping dessert can be prepared with Ritz crackers with a marshmallow, peanut butter and chocolate chips filling.

  • Banana S’mores- Sliced bananas along with frozen yoghurt and chocolate syrup filling makes a healthier version.

  • Mexican Version- This form of the smores use tortilla breads and semi sweet chocolate instead of the traditional ingredients.

  • Strawberry S’more- Placing a bar of milk chocolate and whole strawberries in between Graham crackers makes the dessert more colorful and nutritious.

Commercial Varieties of S’more

There are a few commercial versions of this dessert available in America. However, the shape and ingredients do not always remain the same. The commercial bars do not have to be heated before consumption either. Some of the commercially available smores include:-

  • Hershey's S'mores- This was a candy bar introduced by the Hershey Company in 2003. The bar consisted of Graham cracker and marshmallow pieces coated with a thick layer of chocolate. The chocolate bar is not available at present.

  • Pop- Tarts-It is a baked version of toasted pastries marketed by the breakfast cereal company Kellogs. Pop tarts are available in 29 distinct flavors with thes’more being one of the most popular ones.

  • S'mores Grahams-This was a cereal introduced by the General mills which consisted of Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow pieces. The product was discontinued by the manufacturer in 1988.

S’More Recipe Variations

  • Moon pies- This is a confection very similar to the camping dessert. It consists of a marshmallow filling in between two Graham crackers which is dipped in a chocolate sauce before consumption.

  • Banana Boat- This is considered to be a camping dessert and consists of a lengthwise cut piece of banana with marshmallow and chocolate stuffing that is wrapped in foil and cooked over the dying embers of a camp fire.

  • Patriot- White chocolate, blueberries, and strawberry slices arranged on top of toasted marshmallows depict the colors the American flag. The colored filling is sandwiched between Graham crackers before being served.

  • Mint Brownies- A brownie sandwich consisting of a marshmallow filling containing a handful of Junior mints arranged on it.

  • Apple Caramels- Two apple slices filled with marshmallow and caramel which have been roasted on the same stick.

  • Belgian Version- A standard smore with an additional ingredient of black or red licorice strips.


The record for making the largest s’more in the world, weighing 1600 pounds, was set in 2003.


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