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Seattle Coffee

Seattle coffee refers to coffee served in Seattle, the largest city of the Pacific Northwest of United States which is known for its coffee culture and high coffee consumption. Many famous coffee companies have originated in the city, including Starbucks, Tully's and Seattle's Best Coffee. Besides this, there are many popular cafes thronging the city, which have a huge clientele of loyal customers who like to relax, play chess or work on their laptops while enjoying special coffee or hot chocolate here. Zeitgeist Art and Coffee and Bauhaus Books and Coffee are some popular names of this category.

The Seattle Coffee Experience

Coffee is served in coffeehouses in Seattle in a comfortable ambience, where people often come to de-stress, chat or work. This may include comfortable seating arrangement to work on laptops, additional arrangements for reading books, playing chess, watching television, etc. They usually offer wi-fi internet services so that customers can work from the café.

Famous Seattle Coffee Companies

  • Starbucks: The coffee company which originated from Seattle in 1971 is now present all over the globe, and is a name to reckon for in terms of high quality premium coffee. The outlet in Seattle is in Pike Place Market. Starbucks now has 17,009 stores spread over 60 countries. The offerings include espresso based coffee drinks, drip-brewed coffee, sandwiches, pastries and other snack items. Gift items like tumblers and mugs are also displayed for sale. Starbucks offers several localized products for different markets.
  • Seattle's Best Coffee: It is a subsidiary of the coffee chain Starbucks which deals in retail and wholesale of specialty coffee. It's retail stores are present in 20 states, and sub-stores are present in college campuses or business complexes.
  • Peet's: This is a famous coffee chain with cafes throughout United States, The coffee offered by Peet's is a darker roast than Starbucks coffee, and is often preferred over Starbucks by people who like a bolder taste in their coffee.
  • Tully's Coffee: This is a Seattle based retailer for specialty coffee, espresso, pastries, baked products, etc. It also has presence in countries like Japan and South Korea. It is the highest selling brand of whole bean coffee in the United States, and has previously adopted a marketing strategy of opening stores adjacent to or opposite of Starbucks stores. The present owners of Tully's brand are Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Seattle Based Cafes

Besides Seattle coffee companies and chains, following are some of the popular non-chain stores amongst a host of many others in Seattle-

  • Trabant Coffee and Chai: The coffeehouse is characterized by comfortable ambience including couches, loft area and tables set up to make it convenient to work on laptops while drinking coffee. The cafe offers free Wi-fi service to its customers, and coffee beans used are of the Fair Trade variety obtained from small coffee growers. Frozen chai drinks also form a part of the menu.
  • Top Pot Doughnuts: The place consists of bookshelves and retro lights, and is known for its friendly atmosphere and helpful staff, besides delicious coffee.
  • Cafe Racer: The cafe offers all traditional Seattle coffee features and additionally beer and television.