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Scottsdale food is a part of the south western United States cuisine, which bears a strong influence of the Mexican cuisine. Also, the cuisine of Arizona, Phoenix plays an influential role in the local cuisine of Scottsdale. Apart from prevalence of Mexican dishes in Scottsdale, the dishes of international cuisines like French, Brazilian and Korean are also popular in the city; however, the Mexican part remains the most widespread.

The cuisine of Scottsdale is popularly referred as “Tex-Mex’, which is a common term used for describing regional cuisine of America, where there is a trend of combining Mexican culinary creations with American food products. Scottsdale food is also known for extensive use of spices, alike Mexican cuisine, specially chili pepper or chile.

Historical Influence on Scottsdale Cuisine

Scottsdale food has been influenced by the Mexicans, cowboys, colonial settlers from Spain, and Native Americans, all through post-Columbian time period. In-spite of the greater influence of Mexican cuisine in the region, the food of Arizona and hence the food of Scottsdale is highly diverse in nature, showing a reflection of various other international cuisines such as French, Brazilian and Korean.

Food in Scottsdale: Popular Dishes

  • Larger meat cuts are used in southwestern cuisine of Scottsdale, with less use of tripe (Rubbery lining in cattle’s or other ruminant’s stomach, used in the form of food).

  • Beans based dishes are highly popular in the cuisine of Arizona and hence in the cuisine of Scottsdale, where it is made in several distinct ways.

  • Steak Chili dishes are quite famous Scottsdale food items. Among the different variations in the steak chili recipe, the one made from cubed sirloin steak, red pepper, onions, kidney beans, and celery is the basic and most popular recipe.

Note: it is to be noted here that chili and chile are different from each other where chili refers to a thick soup or stew made up of meat and beans, and chile implies chili peppers.