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Robert Carrier

Robert Carrier was a well known American chef, who was born on 10th November, 1923 at Tarrytown, in New York and died in France on 27th June, 2006. Robert Carrier was not only known as a chef, but was also famous as cookery writer and a restaurateur. The chef was highly successful in England during his tenure from 1953 to 1984, and from 1994 to 2006, until his death. The famous chef is very well known for introducing luxurious Continental cooking in American cuisine. Robert Carrier recipes are well known for their luxurious and elegant cooking style.


Robert Carrier pursued his education in New York City, where he pursued various short term art courses in part time. Also, he was trained for becoming an actor. The chef toured various European countries with one of the rep companies, where he sang as a young lead in various American musicals. Thereafter he returned back to America, and stayed with his grand mom who taught the chef to make butter frying fish, and various dishes and biscuits.

Professional Career

During World War II, Robert Carrier voluntarily served the US Army in Office of Strategic Services, as intelligence officer. Thereafter he came to England in 1943, and served as a cryptographer in Paris post D-Day, in headquarters of General Charles de Gaulle's. After that he chose to remain a civilian in Paris, initially working for a radio station of US forces and for a Gaullist magazine/newspaper Spectacle.

As far as his experience as a chef is concerned, Robert Carrier went to St. Tropez and worked in a restaurant named “Chez Fifine's”. From here he started writing various cookbooks, and moved to Italy for improving his cookery catalog. Then he moved to London, after an invitation from one of his friends, where he marketed several food products. Robert Carrier recipes became popular in Italy where he developed his own continental style of cooking.

TV Shows

Popular TV shows in which Robert Carrier appeared include the following:

  • Carrier's Kitchen (1975) – explains about kitchen skills and cookery techniques of the chef
  • Food, Wine & Friends (1980) – knowledge about wine and food pairing all across the world
  • The Gourmet Vegetarian (1994) – reveals all delicious vegetarian dishes

He became the first star chef on British television. In all the shows, Robert Carrier recipes were given huge importance due to the introduction of continental style of cooking in a country where spagethi and garlic were seen with great suspicion.


A few popular cookbooks written by Robert Carrier include The Robert Carrier Cookbook, (London: Nelson, 1965), Great Dishes of the World, Food, Wine & Friends, Cooking With Carrier, Robert Carrier's Kitchen – Making the most of Lamb & Pork, The Best of Robert Carrier, The Gourmet Vegetarian, and Great Dishes of Spain. All the cookbooks of the chef explain about ways of preparing food in an elegant way, reflecting continental style of cooking.