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Rhode Island

Rhode Island food is famous for its hot wieners, grinders, snail salad, and pizza strips, which are exclusive to the state, and are rarely found outside Rhode Island, which is a state located in New England area of United States, where the state is believed to be the smallest state in United States in terms of area.

Popular Foods of Rhode Island Cuisine

  • Hot wieners – Hot wieners, also known as gaggers, are similar to hot dog, but smaller in size, which are normally served covered with mustard, meat sauce, celery salt and chopped onions.

  • Snail Salad – this is one of the famous Rhode Island fooditems, which is prepared with large quantity of snails (more than five pounds) and other ingredients used in seafood based dishes, where the salad is termed as “family style” salad and is served in various eating establishment in the state.

  • Grinders – these refer to submarine sandwiches, which are commonly prepared in Italian style with the help of cold cuts of ham, salami, capicola, Provolone cheese and prosciutto.

  • Pizza strips – these refer to rectangular shaped pizza strips prepared without the use of cheese, and served cold, where the production of these strips is carried out at Italian bakeries, which are then sold throughout the country.

  • Spinach pies – these pies are quite alike calzone, with the difference being in the filling, where spinach pies are filled with pepperoni or black olives and seasoned spinach in place of meat, cheese and sauce as in case of calzone. In a variation of spinach pies, broccoli may be added at times in place of spinach.

  • Johnny cakes- cakes made up of water and corn meal, which are pan fried like pancakes.

  • Linguiça – this Rhode Island food refersto spicy and peppery Portuguese sausage, which is consumed with hearty bread.

Festive and Special Food Items of Rhode Island Cuisine

  • Dough Boys- this is a unique dish of Rhode Island, which consists of large disks (plate sized) of dough which are deep fried and sprinkled with pizza sauce or powdered sugar, and enjoyed largely during carnivals and fairs.

  • Zeppolas – also known as zeppolis, these refer to doughnut like pastries, where the center is exposed and filled with ricotta cream or vanilla pudding, which is topped with cherry. This Rhode Island fooditemis eatentraditionally on Saint Joseph's Day, which is celebrated on a large scale throughout the state).