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Ready Set Cook

Ready Set Cook is a food game show that is hosted by two chefs who are assisted by two randomly picked people from the audience and these two people from the audience are responsible to purchase ingredients required for the recipes on that particular episode, without which the chefs cannot prepare the dish/dishes. Every episode has a different set of chefs showcasing the recipes along with two members attending that particular episode. These chefs are usually quite popular running their own restaurants and when they come on the show, they whip up some wonderful recipes that go with the format of the show.

History of Ready Set Cook Recipes

This was a cooking game show that first debuted on October 2 1995 in the US on Food Network. This show was inspired by the British cooking game show that went by the name Ready Steady Cook, which was hosted by Robin Young, a television personality, for about a year followed by Sissy Biggers another television personality, and then by Ainsley Harriott, the presenter of the cookery show.

Format of the Show

Ready Set Cook is a game show on Food Network, wherein every week two well known chefs host the show along with two members from the audience who are picked randomly. These two chefs form two groups and present the recipes that are contributed by the audience and the time limit to prepare the dish is about 18 minutes. The format of the show is to make cooking fun, healthy and also easy. It involves purchasing of certain ingredients not available in the kitchen by the two members who assist the chefs (from the $10 they are given) and also in preparing the dishes for that particular episode. On completion of the time limit, these two groups are judged and rated by the audience and the group that gets the maximum votes wins that particular episode of the show.

Noteworthy Episodes of the Show

Ready Set Cook has some delicious recipes that have become quite popular along the episodes of the show. Some noteworthy episodes have showcased the recipes such as Beef and Broccolini Stir-fry, Lemon Garlic Chicken, Bean & Almond Stir-fry, Pork and Vegetable Stir-fry, Sweet Chili and Ginger Stir-fry, Sizzling Garlic Beef with Broccolini, etc.