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Rahm Fama

Rahm Fama, a popular host of the food show Meat & Potatoes on the Food Network channel, is known for his inclination to all that is meat. Having grown up and worked on his mother’s cattle ranch in Santa Fe, N.M. and having learnt the ropes of cooking from a very tender age of 15; Chef Rahm Fama learnt all that he knows about cooking, during his time in various capacities in the restaurants that he worked in. He goes to great lengths to ensure the right cut of meat is used in the various he showcases on his show and his dishes mostly involve various meats, which he ensures are the choicest ones. For this very purpose, travelling across the country to find what he is looking for is something Rahm Fama loves doing.

Professional Life of Chef Rahm Fama

Rahm Fama started working at a very young age of 15 years, when he was hired as a prep cook at Mark Miller’s Coyote Café, a local restaurant in Santa Fe, N.M. After serving in this capacity for about two years, Rahm knew for sure that cooking was his real passion. His passion stemmed from the real time action in the restaurant kitchen coupled with the excitement and atmosphere present there. He travelled and learnt firsthand about food and Rahm travelled all over America. During this self discovery journey, Chef Rahm Fama worked as a line cook at Westbank Fishcamp in Austin, as a cook at Quail Run in Santa Fe, again as a line cook in Scottsdale Phoenician in Phoenix and then by the time he was 22, Rahm Fama was offered a position of Chef de Cuisine in The Broadmoor, a five star hotel in Colorado Springs. He also worked as the First Executive Chef to Serge Raoul at the Raoul’s in New York.

Noteworthy Works of Chef Rahm Fama

Rahm Fama built the Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa in New Mexico and thereafter, he spent around four years at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa as the Executive Chef and completely transformed the Fuego restaurant into an award winning world class destination for people who loved good food along with a wonderful resort experience. Another feather in his cap is having served as the Executive Chef at the Lodge at Vail in Colorado, which also involved handling the complete operations of the signature AAA Four Diamond Award winning restaurant of the Lodge. Rahm Fama also has to his credit the privilege of having been the private chef to the respected and prestigious James Beard from 2006 to 2008.

Chef Rahm Fama Trivia

Rahm Fama is more of an adventurer and a wandering cook, who believed in learning from the places he visited and this can be seen in all his recipes. During one of his trips to Vail, he spent some valuable time in a mountain cabin, wherein, he learnt to cook various dishes from bread to main course on just a wood-burning fire.