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Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon is a chef of New Zealand origin based in London. He was born in Wanganui a coastal town located in New Zealand after which he shifted in 1981 to Melbourne, Australia. He worked for a period of five years in New Zealand thereafter for almost one year toured over Asia to return back to New Zealand later. In 1989 he relocated to London and has been living there since.

Professional Life of Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon was responsible for establishing the kitchen of the earlier "The Sugar Club" restaurant in Wellington in New Zealand in the year 1986. This was followed by two British recreations in Notting Hill London in 1996 and in 1998 in West Soho, London. He set up two restaurants including - Tapa Room Restaurant and The Providores on Marylebone High Street in collaboration with his partner Michael McGrath and 2 other people. Since 2001, Peter and Michael began owning the business the solely, together with the owners of Changa restaurant in Istanbul including Annie Smail a UK based restaurant. In 2004, he set up the "dine by Peter Gordon" restaurant at the SKYCITY Grand Hotel, Auckland thereafter trailed in 2006 by the Bellota tapas bar. Peter Gordon and Michael also co-own the acclaimed Waitaki Braids vineyard in North Otago, New Zealand.

Noteworthy Works of Peter Gordon

Food Inventions

Peter Gordon recipes conceived by him are mostly influenced by different types of cuisine and ingredients across the world. Popular Peter Gordon recipes include:
• Braised Lamb Shanks with Barley Broth is a slow braise preparation that includes two courses: a barley broth to start with, followed by a bowl of herby pasta topped with lamb meat that is conspicuously tender.
• Italian-style Lamb Chops is among Peter Gordon recipes where grilled chops are accompanied with gorgonzola polenta and a thick tomato sauce as a part of an Italian influenced lunch.
• Seared Wagyu Sirloin on Truffled Jerusalem Artichoke Purée on Market Kitchen is an interesting dinner party delight that is consisting of tender Wagyu beef, beetroot, horseradish purée and creamy Jerusalem artichoke
• Smoked Paprika Lamb Neck Fillets with Ratatouille is a simple lunch preparation known for its versatility as it can be had in the cold as well as warm conditions and in summer and winter.
• Coconut Laksa with Scallops and Green Tea Noodles on Market Kitchen is an aromatic fish broth preparation infused with Malaysian flavors combining sour and sweet.

Peter Gordon Cookbooks

Peter Gordon has authored many cookbooks that have been published by renowned publication houses. A collection of mouth watering Peter Gordon recipes can be found in :

Salads - the new main course
This was his first book published in the UK in the year 2005 by Quadrille. The Sunday Times Style magazine featured it serially.
'Fusion - a culinary journey' and A Culinary Journey are two recipe books, containing travelogues and history of some of his favorite ingredients.
Vegetables - the new food heroes
This was another cookbook brought out in 2006 by Quadrille and again featured in The Sunday Times Style magazine serially.
A World in my Kitchen
This is a collection of Peter Gordon recipes for Garden and New Zealand House for more than 10 years since.

Peter Gordon - Trivia
Peter Gordon has been active in restaurant business since the beginning of his career. Restaurants started by him include:
• Kopapa in Covent Garden, London, UK
• The Providores and Tapa Room in London, UK)
and in SKYCITY Grand Hotel (Auckland, New Zealand)
• dine by Peter Gordon
• Bellota tapas bar

Popular Media Shows of Peter Gordon
Peter has made appearances in renowned cookery shows including Nigel Slater's, Jamie Oliver's series and Market Kitchen.