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North Carolina

North Carolina food offers a large variety of barbecued food along with other meat and vegetable delicacies. The cuisine is diverse and offers an array of dishes which have a distinct taste and texture. North Carolina is also known for winemaking and cheer wine is one of the popular drinks of this place.

History And Origin Of North Carolina Cuisine

The cuisine of North Carolina is highly influenced by American and African culture. The African slaves came to this place in 1600s and since then the culinary traditions of Africa can be observed in the cuisine here. Okra, peanuts, sesame seeds, black eyed peas and rice were introduced by Africans to this land. Use of molasses for sweetening was also one of the concepts of Africa that found its place in North Carolina cooking.

Commonly Used Ingredients In Cuisine Of North Carolina

Pork meat in the form of ham, bacon, salt pork, ham hocks, fatback and lard is used majorly in North Carolina food due to the abundance of hog farms in this state. Chicken and fish are also relished as North Carolina food. Vegetables that are eaten mostly include turnip, kale, cabbage, green beans, okra, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn.

Common Cooking Methods Followed In North Carolina Cuisine

Slow cooking, boiling, frying, and barbecuing are the common cooking practices followed to make North Carolina food.

Popular North Carolina Cuisine Recipes

  • Livermush- A non-vegetarian delicacy made of pig liver and parts of its head.
  • Country ham- Ham sliced, salted and pan fried and topped with the mixture of drippings and black coffee; usually consumed as a sandwich for breakfast.
  • Grits- Ground corn kernels boiled and made into a porridge which is seasoned with salt, pepper and butter. It is a popular breakfast food of North Carolina.
  • Corn bread- Coarse bread prepared by baking corn meal and buttermilk; it is usually dipped in soups and eaten.
  • Hush puppies- Deep fried cornmeal dumplings which are seasoned with onions and served as food accompaniment for barbecue meats or sea foods
  • Love feast buns- Delicious rolls of potato seasoned with lemon peel and mace.

Traditional Foods Of North Carolina

  • Moravian sugar cake- A type of cake made by self-rising flour which is usually decorated with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon frosting.
  • Moravian sugar cookies- These are thin cookies made in a variety of flavors and are only available in Moravian region.
  • Cheese straws- A popular North Carolina food which is usually served as snack, consisting of flavored dough strips baked and topped with Cheddar cheese. These straws are accompanied by hot and spicy sauce.
  • Krispy Kreme doughnut- A traditional doughnut preparation of Winston Salem since the year 1937 consists of light and spongy hot doughnuts.

Trivia- North Carolina Cuisine

Hush puppies, a popular dish derived its name from the incident when a cook threw some fried cornmeal to a puppy who was asking for food.

Kwanzaa is a popular festival which is celebrated by preparing soul food, a term used for traditional African American cooking in North Carolina. The North Carolina food is prepared and eaten with family and friends on this day.