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Norfolk food has all the characteristics of the English Cuisine. The Polynedian and Tahitian influence on the cuisine if evident. Norfolk island, a low lying county in East England and the 7th most populous county in England, offers good variety of English food.

Norfolk is a farmland and its evident in its food which is packed with organic vegetables, succulent beef, delicious turkeys. Also renowned for its refined home brewed beers and sweet honey, the island is home to plenty of juicy strawberries and tender asparagus which are exported throughout the United Kingdom.

Norfolk Cuisine Overview
Norfolk Island has some unique English dishes and receives a large number of tourists every year who come to participate in its famous food festivals. Hihi pie, pilihai and mudda are 3 of the most unique and popular dishes in Norfolk. Hihipie is a shellfish tart while mudda and pilihai are a variety of banana pies. The long coastline ensures some great sea food variety. Jellied eels and croner crabs are particularly popular in Norfolk.

Norfolk Cuisine – Local Produce
Norfolk companies that won awards in the 2010 "Great Taste Awards" include :

  • Booja-Booja Company - Raspberry Ecuadorian Truffles
  • Elveden Fine Foods - Mead & Hop Sauce, Elveden Apple and Elveden Cured Back Bacon
  • Pipers Crisps - Norfolk Bloody Mary flavour
  • Lakenham Creamery - Raisin and Coconut Cream and Norfolk County ice cream in Jamaican rum.
  • Morton's Traditional Taste - Bronze Free Range Turkey

Norfolk Island Restaurants
Norfolk has some great restaurants. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

  • Barney Duffey's Charcoal Grill
  • Ocean Blue Takeaways
  • James's Place
  • Garrison Restaurant
  • Mariah's Restaurant & Bar
  • Aquilo's Restaurant
  • Bounty Lodge Restaurant

Norfolk Food Festival
The Norfolk Food Festival showcases the finest food products across the county. The food festival takes place every year in September/October and features about 300 events across the county. Highlights include the EDP Norfolk Food Awards, Norwich’s Moveable Feast and The Battle of the Bangers when the county’s finest butchers compete for public vote.

The Norwich Beer Festival
The Norwich Beer Festival is held every year in October and regularly features over 200 of Britain’s independent brewers. The festival also displays dozens of varieties of bottled beers from Central Europe.

Norfolk Brewery
Norfolk is known all over the UK for its pubs and choice of drinks. There are 31 breweries in Norfolk and it is second only to Yorkshire when it comes to brewery production. Norfolk is widely considered the best place in UK when it comes to beers. All this coupled with the tasty offbeat local Norfolk food is a major attraction to the tourists.