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New York

Food of New York consists of the collection of dishes and drinks popular in New York City, which is an assortment of dishes of various ethnic groups inhabiting the city. Eastern European Jewish influence has a notable contribution to New York Food, as the community is a significant group inhabiting the city.

Popular Dishes from New York Food

Dishes with Origin in New York

Here are some of the dishes that were invented in the city-

  • Food of New York consists of many dishes which have their origin in the city itself. Here are some of the dishes that claim to have originated in the city of New York, and are an integral part of popular New York Food.
  • Lobster Newberg: Lobster Newburg is a seafood dish containing lobster, cream, butter, sherry, cognac, cayenne pepper and eggs. It is known to have been invented by the sea captain Ben Wenberg, who made a demonstration of the dish in New York City's Del Monico's restaurant. The dish was later improved upon by Chef Charles Ranhofer.
  • Eggs Benedict: Eggs Benedict is a dish consisting of half an English muffin with a topping of ham or bacon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. It is a popular food of New York.
  • Waldorf Salad: Waldorf salad is a salad made with apples, walnuts, celery and a dressing of mayonnaise, served on a lettuce bed as an appetizer.
  • Egg Cream: Egg cream is a fountain drink made of milk, soda water and chocolate syrup.

Other Popular Dishes from New York

Here are some of the popular dishes particularly identified with Food of New York-

  • Hot Dog: Hot Dog is a dish consisting of a sliced bun with sausage sandwiched between the two slices. The sausage is made of by-products of meat, fat and flavorings of salt, paprika and garlic, along with preservatives.
  • Cheesecake: It is a cake with a base of sponge or biscuit, topped with soft cheese along with nuts, fruits and chocolate or fruit flavored drizzle.
  • Strip Streak: It is a beef steak made from cut of short loin, which consists of tender muscle that is put to little use by the animal.
  • Doughnut: It is a fried food item made of sweet dough (some variants are savory as well) and shaped in the form of flattened discs or rings. It can be purchased from bakeries or stores, or prepared at home. There are many recipe variations for doughnut, which suggest various different ingredients for batters as well as toppings and flavorings.

Street Food in New York

New York City is also famous for its street food, which provides fulfillment to the appetite of many New Yorkers on the go. Here are some of the popular street food dishes that form a significant part of food in New York-

  • New York style pizza: It is a thin, foldable pizza with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce topping. Other additional toppings may also be added as per recipe variations. It originated in the 1900s, and is known to have a characteristic crust flavor that is attributed to the mineral content of New York's water which is used to knead the crust dough. The pizza is hand tossed, and is served in slices. It is a very popular street food of New York.
  • Italian Sausage: It is a pork sausage with seasonings of anise or fennel. It is usually grilled, and prepared in both hot and sweet styles. This street food of New York is often eaten with vegetables like giardiniera.
  • Hamburger: It consists of a bread roll that has been sliced and filled with a cooked patty consisting of ground meat. Meat used for the dish is mostly beef, though pork or turkey may also be used in some variants. This delicious street food of New York is served with pickles, cheese and onion as well as condiments like mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise.

New York Food with Eastern European Jewish Influence

Eastern European Jewish dishes form a significant part of food in New York, as this is a major community inhabiting the city. In addition to this, Chinese dishes are also a part of popular food in New York, due to the fondness of the Jewish community for Chinese food. The famous institution of 'Delicatessen' or Deli originally was an institution of the Jewry here. Here are some of the dishes from popular Eastern European Jewish food of New York-

  • Pastrami: It is meat dish, usually containing beef, and sometimes mutton or pork. It originated in times when refrigeration was not an option for preserving meat. The meat is brined, dried, flavored with spices, then smoked and cooked in steam. Besides beef navel, which is the traditional cut for the dish, beef brisket is also used.
  • Dr Brown's Cel Ray soda: It is a soft drink which is flavored by celery seeds.
  • Brisket: It is a Jewish dish consisting of meat from the lower chest region of beef or veal. It is a part of the animal's body that supports much of the body weight while standing or moving; hence it consists of tough connective tissue which is made tender by a method of slow cooking. It can be prepared in savory or sweet sauce, and is cooked in a covered roasting pan.
  • Corned Beef: It is salt cured beef which can be dry or wet cured.

Restaurants Famous for Food of New York

The Four Seasons, Hard Rock Cafe International, The Rainbow Room, Le Cirque, Lutece and Tavern on the Green are some of the city's most famous restaurants serving delicious food of New York.