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New Jersey

New Jersey Food consists of the food and drinks consumed in New Jersey, which is a state located in the Mid Atlantic and north-eastern part of the United States. The cuisine here is typical of the Mid Atlantic cuisines, and the state is famous for its in-house production of processed foods. The state of New Jersey is known for its contribution to the frozen food, Mason jar and grape juice category. It has rich agricultural produce of vegetables and fresh foods, which find their way to the state's cuisine. New Jersey food is also rich in seafood.

Foreign Influences on New Jersey Cuisine

Besides the rich local food culture, the cuisine of New Jersey also has influence from Indian, Korean, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian and Middle Eastern Food. It also has many popular dishes from the Cuban cuisine like Cuban sandwich, Lechon and Arroz Salteado. However, the most popular foreign cuisine dishes are predominantly Italian dishes.

Ingredients Commonly Used in New Jersey Food

Food in New Jersey is rich in locally produced ingredients like fresh vegetables, nuts, fruits, dairy products and seafood. It has the second highest blueberry production and third highest cranberry production in the United States. Other popular produce includes spinach, head lettuce, peaches, bell peppers, corn, tomatoes and asparagus.

Native Dishes and Inventions from New Jersey Cuisine

Here are some of the popular dishes that are native to New Jersey-

  • Ripper: It is a type of hot dog that has originated in New Jersey. The hot dog is one of the many popular hot dog variants of the state, and is prepared by deep frying till it bursts open. It may also be grilled, and is served with onions, meat sauce and mustard sauce.
  • Italian Hot Dog: It is also known to have originated in New Jersey, at Jimmy Buff's in 1932. It is a product of the Italian-American culture of the state. It is made by cutting into slices a roll of round shaped pizza bread, making pockets in it, and spreading mustard. The dog is stuffed into the pocket, and a topping of sautéed onions, peppers, as well as deep fried sliced potatoes is added, and ketchup is drizzled. It can be ordered as single or double order.
  • Pork Roll: It was invented by John Taylor from Trenton in the latter part of the 19th century, and is actually processed meat that can be eaten sliced, grilled or even fried.
  • Salt Water Taffy: It is a soft Taffy that originated in Atlantic City in the 19th century.

Other Popular Dishes from New Jersey Cuisine

Other popular dishes that form a part of New Jersey food are as follows-

  • Tomato Pie: It is a kind of pizza with the difference from traditional pizza that cheese is first placed directly on the pizza dough, then adding the toppings and finally the sauce on top. In contrast, traditional pizzas have the tomato sauce first placed on dough, and then addition of cheese and toppings. The dish is popular in Trenton in South Jersey.
  • Thin Crust Pizza: It is a pizza with thin yeast-less crust and topping of Provel cheese.

Foreign Foods Popular in New Jersey

The dishes mentioned below are examples of foreign foods that have become a part of New Jersey Food:

  • Cuban Sandwich: It is a sandwich made with Cuban bread and along with ham, pork (roasted), cheese, mustard and pickles. Salami is also sometimes added.
  • Dulce de leche:It is a candy made with milk and caramelized sugar.