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Nebraska food is primary Midwestern in nature, as the state Nebraska is located in Midwestern US, on Great Plains. The Nebraska state, which was earlier regarded to be a part of Great American Desert, is now considered to be one of the leading ranching and farming states in US, with farm produce being used extensively in the dishes of the state. The capital of Nebraska is Omaha, which is the largest city of the state and is highly famous for its steakhouses and barbeque cooking style, which are popular all through the state. The restaurants located in the state offer a fusion of several ethnic cuisines, where the food is prepared with contemporary and sophisticated techniques.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Nebraska Cuisine

The cuisine of Nebraska depicts southern and central European influences, which is clearly evident from the huge popularity of carp in the state, where carp refers to species of freshwater fish from the Cyprinidae family, native to Asia and Europe. Also, there are many Mexican restaurants in the state, offering Mexican style food.

Popular Foods of Nebraska Cuisine

  • Reuben sandwich- this is a highly admired Nebraska food item which refers to hot sandwich prepared of Swiss cheese, layered meat, and sauerkraut (fermented shredded cabbage).

  • Turkey– several turkey recipes like turkey salad, roasted turkey and turkey burgers are immensely liked in Nebraska, with turkey being largely served at thanksgiving dinners in US, thus giving the name thanksgiving turkey to the dish.

  • Cranberry sauce – this is a classic and easy to make sauce which is prepared with the help of cranberries and served at thanksgiving dinners.

  • Wild rice - Wild rice, which is also known as water oats, Canada rice, and Indian rice, refers to the grain from Zizania genus of grass, which is obtained from four different species of grass. This rice is very famous in US and can be eaten along with shrimp and turkey. Also, the wild rice can be blended with rich quality brown rice, thus enhancing the nutritive value of the prepared rice.

  • Apple pie – this fruit pie with the main stuffing ingredient being apple is a well admired Nebraska food item.