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Monterey Jack Sauce

Monterey Jack Cheese Sauce refers to any type of sauce, which is prepared using Monterey Jack cheese as a flavoring or as a base ingredient.

Choice of Monterey Jack Cheese in Sauces
The mild and smooth texture of this cheese and its melting temperature makes it a favorable choice for many savory and sweet sauces. Monterey Jack cheese can be included in most of the hottest sauces due to the creamy texture imparted by the cheese. The cheese is moist and creamy, which makes it one of the best choices for sauces. This sauce is integral to the Mexican cuisine. It is mostly served with nachos, quesadillas and other snacks.

Popular Varieties of Monterey Jack Cheese Sauce

  • White Nacho Cheese Sauce – This cheese sauce is prepared using cream, Monterey Jack cheese, and peppers. The hotness of this cheese sauce can be moderated by adjusting the amount of peppers.

  • Pimiento Cheese Sauce – Cheddar cheese is the foundation of this sauce. Cheddar cheese is used in combination with Monterey Jack or white cheese to prepare the sauce.

  • Alfredo Sauce – This sauce is prepared using butter and parmesan cheese. A sauce with similar flavor and consistency is prepared by replacing the parmesan cheese with Monterey Jack Cheese. This sauce is easy to cook and has an excellent creamy character which goes well with most of the grilled vegetables and meat.

  • White Cheese Sauce – This sauce is mostly served over Mexican –style appetizers, or chicken enchiladas, or it is served as a dip for chips. This sauce is prepared like Alfredo sauce with ingredients like butter, sour cream, shredded Monterey Jack Cheese and green chilies.

  • Mexican Cheddar-Monterey Jack Cheese Dip – This sauce combines the goodness of cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack. Whipping cream is added to the sauce to enrich its texture. Red onion, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, and small tomatoes are added to the sauce. Cheeses for this Monterey Jack sauce are pureed in food processor before flavoring with other ingredients.