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Montana Food is basically famous for its cherries, sausages, meats, pies, jams and agricultural produce, where agricultural products are considered to be the most important foods of Montana State, which is located in western United States. The cuisine of western US is believed to be different form the rest of US, where there is an influence of various other cuisines and cultures, with native American, Pacific Rim, Mexican, Asian, Californian dominating the cuisine of all western states in US.

Popular Foods of Montana Cuisine

  • Ranch/dairy foods– ranch culture is highly prominent in the cuisine of Montana, thus resulting in extensive use of dairy products in the foods of Montana, with cheese being used in large amount.

  • Beef– beef is one of the popular Montana food items, which is used in preparing various dishes in the state like roast beef, grilled steak, creamed beef etc.

  • Seafood- seafood dishes are largely preferred in the Montana State, with cod, salmon, crab and halibut being used extensively.

Famous Places for Foods Belonging to Montana Cuisine

  • Bob Marshall's Biga Pizza– this is one of the best restaurants in Montana State located in Missoula, where the major delights include tuna, pizza, sandwiches, calzone and salads. The use of fresh and local ingredients in the food preparation method at this restaurant makes the outlet one of the culinary highlights of the region.

  • Silk Road- this restaurant is famous for changing its menu every now and then according to the season, where it makes sure to offer the best quality Montana food to the guests with assurance of deliciousness and excitement. The wine and food paring suggestions given at this restaurant is a remarkable feature. Both, the ambience and food, are the major attractions of this outlet in Missoula in Montana.

  • Tupelogrille- this restaurant is located in Whitefish areas of the state, which is famous as a romantic restaurant, where foods of Creole and Cajun cuisines are highly popular. Also, this restaurant is popular for its steaks and seafood dishes.

  • The Shak– this restaurant, which is situated in Montana in Whitefish area, is famous for its ice cream available in various kinds of flavors and barbeque method of cooking food. The Creole and Cajun cuisine are the main attractions of the restaurant, where chicken, pulled pork and ribs are considered to be incredible Montana food items.