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Mofongo is a plantain based Puerto Rican dish which is typically famous as fried plantain dish. Many similar dishes are popular in Cuban cuisine as well as in cuisine of Dominican Republic. Though, a simple method id adopted traditionally to cook this dish, but variations may be done by simply changing the style of cooking and some flavoring ingredients. The serving methods also vary among different cuisines. Mofongo relleno is the most popular mofongo recipe. Similarly, ‘fufu’ is also a Cuban recipe that is prepared just like mofongo.

History of Mofongo Recipe

Puerto Rico is believed to be the place of origin of mofongo. Some believe that this dish was originated in African cuisine. This dish is considered a variant of the popular Caribbean dish ‘fufu’ that was introduced by the Africans in the colonies of Spanish new world.

Ingredients Prescribed by Mofongo Recipe

Green plantain is the main component of mofongo. The unripe plantain is used to make this dish as it offers a distinct flavor. In few variations, yucaa or breadfruit may also be used to make this delicious dish. Strips of bacon and fried pork rinds are often used with mashed plantain. Olive oil and garlic are used to add flavor to the mofongo. For stuffing, the main ingredients are chicken, vegetables, beef, crab or shrimps. Chicken broth is typically used to make thick pouring sauce. Fried meat is usually served along with the mofongo dish.

Method of Preparation of Mofongo

Frying method is traditionally used to prepare mofongo. The fried green plantains are sliced length-wise or width-wise. The fried plantains are then seasoned with the ingredients such as salt, pepper and mashed with bacon, pork and other components. The mashed plantain is then filled with vegetables, chicken or many distinct ingredients. After stuffing, the mixture is re-fried to give shape to the mixture. A thick sauce is also prepared with chicken broth. The other variant ‘fofu’ is prepared by boiling and mashing either unripe or semi-ripe plantains.

Serving and Eating of Mofongo

Mofongo is primarily eaten as a main dish. It is often served with broth and fried meat. In Puerto Rican restaurants, this dish is fondly served. It can be easily consumed with fork or spoon.

Nutritional Facts Related to Mofongo Recipe

Mofongo is indeed a healthy dish due to the presence of healthful plantains. The other ingredients such as chicken broth, olive oil and shrimps are beneficial ingredients that are good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Though it is a nutritional dish, but the cooking method makes it a calorific dish. Deep-frying method involves huge quantity of oil that is not good for obese people and heart patients. Even people suffering from cholesterol problems should avoid the excessive consumption of mofongo.