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Minnesota food, which is highly influenced by its historical trends, is quite famous for lutefisk and lefse dishes, where both of them are considered to be the iconic dishes of this US state, located in the Midwestern United States. The cuisine of this state is immensely influenced by the cuisine of Midwestern which is highly popular for American Midwest’s regional cuisine.

The cuisine of Minnesota is enriched with warm and baked food items, which are highly consumed in the extreme winter season of the state. Further, potatoes, meat and eggs are regarded as the mainstay foods of the state. Apart from this, Minnesota is quite popular for dairy products, turkey and chicken, which are produced in huge amount in the area. Crops like sugar beets, soybean, and corn are also immensely grown in the region, hence forming an important part of the cuisine. Further wild rice is also consumed in Minnesota in abundance with the state being the leading producer of the same.

History of Minnesota Cuisine

The cuisine of Minnesota has its roots from Northern, Eastern and Central cuisines, where lutefisk (dish of Nordic countries) and lefse were considered to be the traditional dishes during that time period. The state was predominantly populated by Scandinavia immigrants and eastern and central European settlers, who brought along with them their cuisine specialties, where aromatic and earthy spices were largely used in Minnesota food preparation as compared to hot spices.

Popular Foods of Minnesota Cuisine

  • Lutefisk- this dish is traditionally consumed during Christmas and is prepared from soda lye (lut) and stockfish (dried whitefish).

  • Walleye- this is considered to be Minnesota’s state fish, and is popularly found in menus of almost all the good restaurants in the state, where the fish is usually prepared by deep frying method after dipping into flour and egg based batter. Grilling method is also widely used in preparation of this dish.

  • Lefse – it is a soft flatbread made from cream or milk, flour and potato, and prepared on griddle through baking process.

  • Hotdish- this is a collection of various casserole dishes, which is very simple to prepare and is considered to be a filling Minnesota food, which is popular all over US.

  • Bar- this is the staple of Minnesota, and is regarded as the typical dessert of the state where Rice Krispie bars are the most popular ones and preferred largely in the form of snack.

  • Hearty soups and stews- these are highly nutritious food items which are prepared with healthy and nutritious vegetables and meats, which are considered to be wholesome meals without the need of appetizers or side dishes.

  • Glorified rice- It is a dessert salad highly famous in the state.

  • Jell-O salad- Jelly salad made up of fruit, flavored gelatin, and grated carrots.

  • Krumkake – It is a highly admired Minnesota food item which refers to a cookie prepared from butter, flour, sugar, eggs and cream.