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Maryland food offers a huge variety of dishes as the cuisine of this place reflects the economic variations and cultural changes which happened over a period of two centuries. The food is rich in taste and consists of sea food, meat and vegetables. Crabs are commonly eaten and are used in various recipes.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Maryland Cuisine

The cuisine of Maryland has been influenced by English, American and Afro-American cuisines. The British people reached this land in 1634 and many foods were added by the cuisine of Maryland. The meats which started being consumed at this time were beef, veal, lamb poultry and mutton which were usually relished with the sweet breads. The American culture introduced beans, pumpkin, Indian corn and okra, hot peppers. Black eyed peas and collard greens came to Maryland through Africans in 19th century. Many new food products were imported to Maryland when Baltimore evolved as a prosperous port. Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, all spice, raisins, Sultanas, macaroni were some of them.

The Maryland food culture also got influenced by Italian, German and Polish cultures in the 20th century.

Cooking Methods Adopted By Cuisine of Maryland

The cuisine follows all the modern methods of cooking which includes roasting, slow-cooking, stir-frying, steaming, baking and grilling.

Popular Maryland Recipes

Crab Soup -Spicy tomato-based soup containing crabmeat and vegetables.

Maryland blue Crabs- The crabs from Chesapeake Bay are soaked in celery salt, black pepper, red pepper, cinnamon and ginger and are relished with cold beer.

Lady Baltimore Cake- The cake is named to honor the wife of Maryland’s founder, Lady Baltimore. It is a white cake with nuts, raisins and figs and has many layers. The cake gained popularity in 1902 when it was mentioned in the bestselling novel of Owen Wister.

Maryland Fried chicken- It is a popular Maryland food and has a rich and creamy texture.

Kossuth Cakes- This cake is named to honor General Lajos Kossuth and is basically a soft sponge cake, small in size which is topped with cream, powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.

Oyster fritters- Dipped in batter and fried oysters, usually accompanied by dips.

Thirds Bread – Made from combining rye meal, cornmeal and graham flower.

Traditional Foods from Maryland Cuisine

Turtle soup- One of the favorite dishes of people of Maryland made by turtles found in salty swamps.

Smoked sausages and sugar cured hams- Stuffed ham usually served with flour-dipped-fried chicken.

Maryland beaten biscuits- Soft and puffy biscuits, usually made by introducing air in the dough.

Popular Drinks of Maryland

Madeira, Claret, Sherry and Port are the drinks widely consumed in Maryland. Syllabub, apple toddy, and Maryland rye are also some of the common drinks relished with Maryland food.