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Louisiana food, marked by a high usage of seafood, meats and various kinds of spices refers to the dishes and drinks from Louisiana state of United States. . Louisiana food is prepared by the Creole and Cajun styles of cooking, based on influence from foreign immigrants.

Classifications of Louisiana Cuisine

Louisiana food can be classified into Creole and Cajun styles of cooking.

Creole Cuisine

This is a style of cooking originating from the Greater New Orleans area that is a fusion of French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Asian and native American and African influences. Creole cuisine has a pronounced influence of classical European styles of cooking, as compared to Cajun which has its roots in rustic French cuisine.

Creole cuisine uses a lot of hot peppers, citrus juices, rice and beans.

Cajun cuisine

This has been named after the French speaking Acadian or ‘Cajun’ immigrants. Traditional Cajun meal is a three pot meal- one pot for the main dish, another for rice or other grain, and a third consisting of whatever vegetable is easily available.
Cajun cuisine has a distinctive French rustic influence, and an abundance of wild game along with rice or corn.

Cooking Techniques adopted in Louisiana Cuisine

Here are some of the cooking techniques popularly used in Louisiana Food-

Barbequing- slow cooking of meat on fire of wood or charcoal

Baking- Direct or indirect dry heat is used for baking in furnace or oven.

Grilling- Food is cooked by applying direct heat to food surface

Boiling- Boiling is popular in Louisiana recipes for seafood

Deep-frying- Cooking by submerging in hot oil or fat

Stewing- Slow cooking meats and/ or vegetables in liquid

Ingredients Commonly Used in Louisiana Food

Here is a list of popular ingredients used in Louisiana food-

Seafood: Shrimp, crabs, crawfish, oysters, frog legs, redfish, black drum, red snapper, grouper, flounder, alligator, speckled trout, catfish, bass, perch, etc. are an important part of Louisiana food

Grains: Corn, rice and wheat are primarily used in Louisiana food.

Meat and Poultry: This includes meats like cattle, chicken, hogs and also wild game like deer, rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, ducks, doves, quail, etc.

Vegetables: Vegetables like peas, beans, tomatoes, eggplant, beets, turnips, cucumber, mustard, cabbage, potatoes, butter beans, etc. are used in Louisiana recipes for making various soups and main course dishes.

Seasonings: Seasonings like bell pepper, hot peppers, green onions, basil and parsley are common to Louisiana food.

Popular Louisiana Recipes

Here are some of the popular Louisiana food items-


Oysters en brochette: A dish made by breading and deep frying skewered raw oysters.


Gumbo: A stew soup consisting of meat or shellfish along with a strong stock, a thickener and celery, bell peppers and onions. It has both Creole and Cajun variants.

Main Course

Jambalaya: A dish of French and Spanish influence cooked with meat, vegetables, stock and rice. It has both Cajun and Creole variants.

Pompani en Papillote: This is made by baking fish in a shrimp sauce.

Side Dishes

Maque choux: This is made of vegetables cooked in water or chicken broth.