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Los Angeles

Los Angeles food refers to the collection of dishes and drinks that are popularly eaten in Los Angeles, the most highly populated city in California. Los Angeles food is marked by various fusion food recipes, and includes food with varied cooking styles and ingredients, taken from the world's different cuisines. The food has special focus on visual presentation. It is a mix of traditional American recipes and contemporary cooking styles. It is characterized by various seasonal ingredients and sauces.

The Los Angeles city has a large number of restaurants and eat-out joints. Hundreds of chefs come to the city to start their own restaurants and make a name in the world of food. Fusion is the key word in Los Angeles food, and different chefs develop their own individual styles with influences from various cultures. Influences from Asian, Jamaican, Cajun and many other cuisines are seen in the food prepared here.

Common Ingredients of Food in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Food is primarily prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, though some fusion recipes may employ the use of preserved ingredients. Most commonly used ingredients include seafood, fresh vegetables, which are usually lightly cooked, berries, fresh fruits and herbs. Meat, cheese, leafy greens, dairy produce, and coffee are other common items.

Popular Los Angeles Recipes

Here are some of the many popular dishes, mostly containing influences from varied cuisines, that one is likely to find in Los Angeles restaurants-

• Cobb Salad: It is a classic salad made of bacon, avocados and chicken. It was invented by Brown Derby of Hollywood.

• Cole Slaw: It is a slaw with filling of fresh vegetables like cabbage, carrot and onions, along with flavorings of pepper, cider vinegar, sugar, salt and black pepper.

• Shrimp Ajillo: It is a Spanish tapas dish made by marinating raw shrimp before cooking it in garlic sauce. It is served as an appetizer.

• Dates Stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella: It is a dish made with mozzarella cheese, chives, ginger and anchovy fillet, which are stuffed into dates and topped with sour cream. Lime is sprinkled on this.

• Bouillabaisse: It is a fish stew originating from the French port city of Marseilles. It contains various types of cooked fish, shellfish and vegetables, and flavorings of many different herbs and spices like garlic, basil, orange peel, saffron, fennel, etc.

Health Benefits of Food in Los Angeles

Los Angeles food is usually rich in the use of fresh ingredients ranging from fresh vegetables to dairy produce and meat, which makes it high on the nutritional front. It is hence a good blend of essential vitamins and minerals, and the many dishes containing cream and cheese serve as a good source of calcium. In addition to this, the city contains many health food stores and natural food stores that sell various health and nutrition products and food supplements.