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Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson, a prominent chef of the South American culinary world, was best known for his unique combination of a Cajun- based style of cooking and Cajun humor. A popular food writer, Wilson wrote a number of cookbooks. He was also a TV host and his programs that were aired on PBS were not only about some amazing Justin Wilson recipes, but also about Cajun humor which greatly enhanced the attraction of the show.

Justin Wilson’s Professional Life

Born on the 24th of April, 1914 in Roseland, Florida, Justin Wilson grew to take up Safety Engineering as a career, finding that he presented himself in a serious manner to his audience, he found an alternative in presenting Cajun cooking and that too coupled with his distinctive style of humor. Credited with 7 cookbooks and a number of cookery shows on Public Broadcasting Service, Justin Wilson was more of a politician, a raconteur and a humorist rather than a cook. His significant contribution to the Cajun inspired cooking is a remarkable achievement of his. What makes his style unique and adds a special flavor to it is that they are conveyed in a highly engrossing manner to the patrons. Justin Wilson recipes are acclaimed widely and accepted as they are not based on any formal training of the chef, but right from his mother, which makes them truly personal, authentic, traditional and, most importantly, based on years of experience. They are well-suited for home cooking- a property that has endeared them to many cooks resulting in the pioneering efforts of Chef Wilson to be a grand success culminating in the his style of cooking attaining very high popularity in 1974.

Justin Wilson’s Achievements

Atlanta Journal Constitution, in 2000, had judged Justin Wilson amongst the top hundred prominent people of this world in the twentieth century.

Justin Wilson’s Cookbooks

The Justin Wilson Cookbook- This book on Cajun cooking and mastering the art of cooking printed by Pelican in 1975, is considered one of the all-time best books on the subject.

Justin Wilson #2 Cookbook, The: Cookin' Cajun (v. 2)– This cookbook is considered a great collection of truly genuine Justin Wilson recipes.

Justin Wilson Looking Back: A Cajun Cookbook- this book is one of its kind. It is not only a cookbook with a number of authentic recipes from the culinary genius, but also source of information on the culinary milestones of the chef not only with regard to his individual style of cooking, but also about the development of the Cajun- style of cooking, to the growth and promotion of which, the chef has contributed greatly.

Popular Television Shows

Justin Wilson had hosted his own Televsion shows starting with Lousiana Cookin on PBS in 1982. After this, other shows like Cookin’ Cajun and Easy Cookin’ of the chef were also aired.

Other media Works of Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson has also recorded an album for Christmas

Justin Wilson: Trivia

Sadly, Justin Wilson passed away in 2001, though he continues to live in the hearts of his patrons through his humor and recipes which are a rare combination indeed.